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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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So I've downloaded Smallville S3 and I'm up to 3x08 - Shattered. This ep is EXCELLENT!

Michael Rosenbaum's performance has totally made me like him. I really love Lex's character and Mikey is just doing an awesome awesome job.

Shattered is probably one of my favorite SV episodes that I've seen so far, I love the conspiracy and the questions and Lex with the blanket baby and OMG LEX SEEING CLARK USE HIS POWERS! How brilliant is that.

I really really love this show. Like, I really love this show.

I had seen S1 a while ago and I actually bought S2, and I had liked the show, but I didn't like the show. Now, though, now that it's not just Clark/Lana ALL the time I'm really liking it. I love how Clark's powers are developing and I love the season arcs, everything is just coming together great.

I can't wait to see more. :D

In other news, today Mom and I went out to breakfast, then I got a Tim Horton's Iced Capp, yum. We talked about school over breakfast and I'm still really freaking nervous. Gah.

Okay, well ttyl.

Hmmm... I need a couple SV icons now...


Dude, I'm so about to get sucked into SV too. I've never seen ANY of it, but I just requested the first three discs from Netflix, so there you go.

I'll be power watching THAT now all summer, I betcha!
Wheee! SV rocks! :D
Annnddd...the addiction has already started. heee!
Mmmm...Iced Cap. I love those things a little TOO much. I'm trying to stay away, which isn't easy, considering I'm Canadian and there's (literally) a Timmy's every 10 feet.

I've never watched Smallville, but I've heard it's good.
Iced Capp = YUM. So is TH like the canadian equivalent of starbucks? LOL

SV rocks my socks.
I just wanna warn you, 'cause I used to love Smallville too. A lot, it was one of my favourite shows. But in S4 it starts to go really bad. S5 is just a joke. Maybe you'll like them, but I know two hardcore (and I mean hardcore) fans who just gave up and stopped watching. I still watch it, mostly just to laugh at how bad it is.

Hope I didn't ruin anything for you, but I thought it might be better than being really disappointed when you get to those seasons. =/
Well I went and watched 'em all. I still like the show. S4 was good except for the whole Lana as a witch thing, KK just can't act evil...

S5 was good too, but I can see where some people would be put off. The dynamic of the show changed/is changing so I can see why it would be unsettling. I still love the show, and THANK GOD Lana is out of the picture for Clark her Mary-sueishness just sucked balls.
Meh. I still like the show. I like it much more now that Lana is out of the picture. Gah she is just WAY too annoying.

Shattered and Asylum are probably my favorite SV eps. They are what made me a complete whore for Clex. I have vids if you're interested that make great use of footage from both those eps. Hurty hurty stuff. ♥s
Dude, SV is AWESOME. Vids would be AWESOME. Whee! :D Love your icon btw. :D
ZOMG! I am like right now in the process of adding all your IM names to my lists, get online and I will pimp some Clex fandom at you like you ain't never seen, dude.

Mona! *squish* Sorry I never replied to this. My stinky no-commenting is finally catching up to me.

Let me know the next time you're online. :D