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Daily Fic Recs

All of our forks are dirty so I'm eating breakfast (chicken patties, no bun and half a hamburger) with a plastic picnic fork.

On to the recs...

Sam & Dean:
Parts of Speech by mona1347 (Unrated)
This fic is AMAZING. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It's Dean-centric gen. Mona took our language, the language of fanficcers and made it a theme for her story. She took the parts of speech and made it into a story. It's not just the theme though, it's how she wrote the theme. This fic is one of my top 25 SPN fics of all time. It's just amazing. If you don't read this you are LOSING OUT. I am serious. Losing. You're a loser.
Dean liked "and". It was a good, solid word. Sam and Dean. Some amalgam, like they had their own secret name that meant the two of them together...Samandean. Then other words came.

Nighthawk by meyerlemon (Adult/R)
This is awesome. Meyerlemon has only seen ONE episode of SPN (the pilot) and this is just like SPOT ON Dean fic. She just wrote him really well. This is great and you should all check it out.
Dean loses his virginity when he's fourteen, in a diner bathroom somewhere outside St. Louis. He told the waitress he was seventeen, and later, much later, he realizes that she was picking him up in front of his father, because his father didn't notice her, not even when she undid the top button of her uniform and bent low over the table to put down his glass of water.

In Want and Sympathy by iamstealthyone (PG-13)
This is great, it's first person p.o.v., Dean gets sick and Sam takes care of him. :)
Dean’s sitting up in bed when I come out of the bathroom, the sheet pooled around his waist and his hair sticking up haphazardly. He’s holding the television remote in one hand, channel surfing. When he turns toward me and lifts his chin in greeting, I’m surprised to see that he’s so bleary-eyed. I didn’t notice much tossing and turning on his part while I was awake.

The World of Supernatural RPS, as performed by gummie bears by apocalypsos
This really isn't fic, but it's so funny and cute. It's gummibear RPS porn with pictures. Hee!

Trip and Fall by estrella30 (Tom Welling/Jensen Ackles) (Adult/R)
This is funny and snarky and cute and hot and just great. :)
Tommy laughed sharply and ran a hand through his hair. He was still dressed in Clark’s clothes – blue t-shirt, horrible red jacket – but his smile was hard and a little sarcastic. His smile was totally fucking with Jen.
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