Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Fic: What You See (SPN Gen)

Title: What You See
Author: emella
Rating: PG
Pairing: None, Sam/Jess
Summary: "When you open your eyes you see a white ceiling..."
Notes: This kind of came out of no where. It just sort of sprung up on me when I was lying in bed the other day. I hope you like it and I hope it makes sense.

What You See

When you open your eyes you see a white ceiling.

The ceiling is low, lower than most, maybe seven, seven and a quarter feet tall. The surface is dented and pockmarked, plaster peaks and valleys, bumps and tiny cracks. The ceiling is white, but the low light in the motel room sends it into green-grey hues and you’re caught in the eerie light.

On the periphery of your vision you can see a lamp, the wooden headboard of your bed, a cheap motel painting and across the room you can see the top of a mirror. The mirror reflects the ceiling above you, the green-grey bumps expanding doubly.

You see a white ceiling.

You don’t see blonde hair or white silk. You don’t see red lips and crimson blood. You don’t see pink skin or the lick of orange flames. You don’t see wide blue eyes.

No, you just see a ceiling.


You remember the last chocolate chip cookie you ate. The sweet chocolate melted in your mouth, dissolving like ash on your tongue. The cookie was moist, crumbling away in your mouth, the sweet of the chocolate mixing with the vanilla of the cookie.

You closed your eyes then, dropping to your bed. The shower hums away in your ears, water a constant soothing noise to your frazzled nerves. You brush the crumbs from your fingers and lick the last of the cookie from your mouth. Your eyes feel heavy and your back winces in remembrance of a crappy motel bed.

You’re glad to be home.

Drip. You flinch at the sudden flick against your forehead.

Drip drip.

You open your eyes and your body bursts into shock. Hey eyes stand out and you gasp, unable to say or do anything. You freeze in terror and your heart constricts. You gasp and yell something but you don’t know what.

Her face blurs then and she smiles down at you. Hey eyes close slowly and then she snaps them open, flames reflecting in the blue.

You smell sulfur and brimstone and the water from the shower drowns out any other sounds.

Wake up Sam.

Her lips don’t move but you hear her voice in your ear. You stare up at her helplessly and she laughs; her head going back in a mockery of joy. Flames burst out from behind her, orangeredyellow rushing out across the ceiling. She laughs maniacally.

Wake up Sam.

Her voice is a whisper and all you can hear is the silence and her voice. You close your eyes slowly, and when you open them it’s her corpse above you, burnt blonde hair and charred bones.

Wake up!

You jerk awake and when you open your eyes you see a white ceiling.

Just a ceiling, nothing more.


Tags: fic, gen fic, het, supernatural

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