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Daily Fic Recs

Note, I haven't replied to comments, but I will, I'm currently doing some downloading, so it would take me like 18 million hours to reply to all my comments right now. So I am waiting until the download is done.

Also, Fic Recs:

Orphan Boy by gravi_girl123 (PG-13)
This is great, it's post Devil's Trap and it's sort of sad and poetic.
When you woke up there was blood in your mouth, in your eyes, on your hands and arms, and you wondered if there was enough blood left inside you. Despite the harsh ache of your body, the weight of your limbs, you moved to check on your father and Dean.

Helping Hands by poisontaster (Adult/R)
This fic starts off a little odd, but stick with it, it's really very good. PT always writes such awesome fic, she won't steer you wrong.
His head is killing him. It’s the headache that’s followed them through six states and an equal number of visions, one after another with little or no respite between them. It’s the headache of not enough sleep and too little to eat because even the smell of food makes him nauseous. It’s the headache of too many miles with his head pressed to cold and vibrating glass or smashed into ribbed vinyl until it prints on your skin and you can feel every line like a scar.

On the Other Hand by poisontaster (Adult/R)
This is the sequel to Helping Hands.
"Dude, what are you doing?" Dean demands as Sam crowds in next to him in the booth, so close Dean's elbows are damn near pinned to his side. He hates booths to begin with—Winchester men take up too much space and he dislikes having his exits blocked—and having Sammy penning him in on one side makes him a little nervous.

Jazz Hands by poisontaster (Adult/R)
This is the sequel to On the Other Hand.
It's also possible that Dean is pressing him into the lee of the motel staircase, one hand fumbling with Sam's belt buckle while his breath pants softly on the back of Sam's neck. The clank of the metal seems incredibly loud in the quiet, as does the gulping race of his own breath.

The Second Sight Series by maygra (Unrated)
This series is a really great WIP, Sam is blind and it's post-demon, so the big bad is dead, but it just leaves you wanting more and more. This little universe is addictive.
Sam had found a part time gig making recordings for books and CD's. He had his own little set up in what had been a sewing room or nursery in the house, fingers flying over pages and his voice rising and falling in a way that Dean found soothing. He'd pretty much gotten caught up on most of the bestsellers of the last decade listening to Sam reading.

Sam & Dean:
The Lost Boy by alethialia (PG)
This is really interesting. I like this little excerpt from Sammy's life, it's set when Sam is a kid, and it's really kind of cool. :)
Sammy bounced as he waited for Dean to pick him up. While he didn't know anyone, it was nice to be able to stay in one place for a while. Or, at least, that’s what Dad had said and Sammy wasn’t going to question it. He might even be able to join the soccer team, instead of having to quit after two weeks when some stupid vampire had started attacking people like last time.

Jealous by sunniefic (R)
I love the ending on this, it's so funny and cute! Great fic. :)
The first time you walked in on Dean having sex, you froze in the doorway of the room you shared, unable to move as they murmured and whispered in the dim light of a late afternoon. Your dad had gone hunting and Dean was "sick", or so he'd said, but from where you stood, Dean didn't look very sick.

Crossover fic:
Rolling In Your Sleep by apocalypsos (PG) SPN/Grey's Anatomy
This is a really cool fic, it's got John Winchester and Denny and it's really unique. It's sort of an AU of what could have come from the heart transplant, you should check it out. :)
In the end, it's Izzie who pulls the strings, Izzie who gets a name and a phone number that she passes off to Denny with guilt in her eyes. Her fingertips tremble when she hands it to him, like she's barely reining it in.

That's it for today. :)
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