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Someday you'll need to stand tall again


I just had the weirdest dream. It started out as a first person dream and then morphed into a third person dream. Also, sorry if they're written a little odd, I just woke up and am still tired.

Anyway, so I was married to this really rich guy who looked exactly like Horatio Sands from SNL - WEIRD. And I honestly wasn't really grossed out unnattracted to Horatio. But anyway, the marriage was a secret threesome triangle relationship with this Horatio dude and me and SEELEY BOOTH! (David Boreanaz's character on the show Bones) So it started out like a few weeks into the marriage and I hadn't had sex with Booth yet and I kept wanting to, but in the relationship it was weird because I wasn't supposed to or something like that...

I kept trying to seduce Bones (and oddly enough the Horatio dude) because I really wanted to suck some cock. Yeah, you probably didn't want to know that, but hey, that was my dream.

Anyway, I ended up giving Booth and the Horatio-husband massages to try and get them to feel all seductive and I was TOTALLY about to get my freak on with them, but then the dream changed.

Then it sort of became third person and I watched this girl who looked like someone else and who was named Chloe try to fit into the relationship. Chloe was me, I just kept watching it as third person, she's like a weird alias thing of me, so I will refer to situations as 'us' and 'we' but I mean Chloe along with the other people in the situation.

So we were doing the message thing when we were interrupted by one of Horatio-husband's employees and he had to go deal with work - Booth went with him. It seemed like Horatio-husband was a lot like a mob boss or something...

Then I got to watch a montage of Chloe working for Horatio-husband doing weird jobs like helping one of his employees pick out some new work clothes, and try to seduce business partners and weird crap like that. Then there was a lawsuit at the end of the dream where the employee who I had helped dress sued us for some reason. It was weird because the guy had won some money, I think from the lottery, and Booth and Chloe had a conversation about how he was so poor growing up that he couldn't sue us for money he needed because he couldn't imagine anything other than poor. For instance he bought a house and didn't buy siding for it-despite having enough money. Just weird stuff. What was weirder was the conversation Booth and Chloe had about it though.

So then the montage switched to inside Horatio-husband's office and there were two guys sitting in chairs in front of his desk. Chloe was sitting in a third chair and Booth was questioning the two guys along with Horatio-husband, interrogating them. Somewhere in the background were a couple of bodyguards. The employees were in trouble for having information or something and Booth and Horatio-husband wanted the information, so they kept asking what the guys wanted. Then one guy insinuated that he wanted a blow job and we all assumed he wanted one from Chloe, but then he stopped and said, 'No, from Agent Booth.'

My dream self about died, because Booth just dropped to his knees right there, and then I was looking to Chloe and she was turning away, but because she was me I couldn't look at Booth unless she did. (or something) I was SO mad because BOOTH GIVING A BLOW JOB - HAWT! But no, I just heard the sound of a zipper and had to keep looking at Chloe hiding her face from the hot boy on boy bj action.

Then the dream changed and I was me again, and I was in my bedroom, my aunt was also in my dream and we heard a tornado siren. We started running through the house and I had to pee really bad so I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge (in case we got stuck down in the basement when the tornado came) and then went to go to the bathroom real quick, but I couldn't because the tornados were RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR BACK DOOR! There were two, one was a ways off and the other was 200 yards away. And then my mom was yelling that we had to go (meaning we had to get down to the basement) and I was worried about the cats and I ran to the basement door and then I woke up.


WEIRD ass dreams. I also had a dream before the weird threesome, in which I was living in London, trying to find an apartment, but the one that I decided to live in kept getting soaked through with rain. And there was another dream about an auditorium and Lex Luthor(Michael Rosenbaum), but I can't remember it...

As a whole I would say it was the weirdest dream night EVER.

I think I need to get laid also.
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