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Daily Fic Recs

All SPN again.

Stumbling Across Its Bleak Ending by esorlehcar
This fic is brilliant, angsty and hot and lovely. I really like this and it just clicks so well.
He left Sam a wad of bills, nearly $800. Not quite everything Dean had, but most of it. He left it on the nightstand, like Sam's nothing more than a cheap whore, and he hated to do it, knows how pissed Sam will be.

Ecce Crucem Domini by unautremonde
This is really interesting, it's genderswap(Girl!Sam). The flashbacks and the sequencing are great, it really makes the story feel kind of hazy and caught up in an unnamed time. Like because of the flashbacks the story can be eternal because there isn't a set timeline. Anyway, it's really good. Definitely check it out. :)
The thing about Sam being a girl is that everything is the same and then not.

Sam’s still taller, smarter and more charming than Dean feels even on his best days, and Dean’s still incapable of watching anything or anyone come close to Sam—friend or foe—without having this sudden urge to rip their heads off; of course Dean’s usual protectiveness would only be brought into sharper relief by Sam’s change.

Sam & Dean:
Balance of power Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 by mayatawi
This is a really cool story, its a De-ageification story and Dean is de-aged 10 years (making him 16). It's gen and funny, good plot and characterizations.
The guy at the turnstile booth was young, skinny, and looked like he'd been born with a broomstick up his ass. He peered down at Dean through his glasses and said with disapproval, "No kids allowed unattended. Keep him in sight at all times."

"Okay, dude, seriously?" Dean said. "I'm not five."

That's it for today. :)
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