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Notes & Recs

Okay, so I'm really busy, I'm cleaning and not feeling great, but I thought I would post.

I'm going to post the SPN Slash Fiction Angstathon list later, but I've decided to try something new. I'm going to start posting daily recs. So here is my first set of SPN recs under the cut.

This Kiss by jain (R)
Who doesn't love kisses?
According to Sam, their first kiss hadn't really been a kiss at all. Dean disagreed, of course--"It's called the kiss of life for a reason, dude"

Wise Men by lucy_fic (No rating)
Finale spoilers. This is really good and sort of sad.
He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out, not even breath. There was something there in his throat, something thick and heavy and he tried to breathe around it but it wasn't happening, and someone was talking to him, but not saying his name.

Stop Me if I Ever Get That Far by shadow_shimmer (NC-17)
This is really awesome. I love the casualness and the fighting, everything in this is just awesome.
Dean’s been giving him the silent treatment for weeks, ever since Illinois and ever since Dad’s phone call, and buying him a drink and blowing him off isn’t exactly out of character for this new Dean.

Blowjobs and Other Cheap Birthday Presents by apocalypsos (NC-17)
Anything by apocalypsos is amazing, this is really really good.
So Dean's got this great idea, right, where he buys a couple of cases of beer for Sam's eighteenth birthday and the two of them drive out to the middle of nowhere (they're in Montana, so they've got plenty of nowhere to go to) and he proceeds to get Sam really fucking wasted.

Dry Heat by tabaqui (No Rating - Adult)
Omg this is just beyond hot. Sam, Dean, ice, ties, hot hot sex. Dear lord.
Sam just gives him a filthy look, because it's not a dry heat. The air is so thick and humid it's practically alive and they're barely two steps into the room before Dean is stripping out of the suit they got at Goodwill. Agent Ford and Agent Hamill ride again.

Sam & Dean Genfic:
When Siblings eAttack by eighth_horizon (light R)
So funny! Dean and Sam IMing each other. :)

Imp67: is this sam

Imp67: sam winchester who is soooooo hot

SamIAm: Whoever this is, I'm really busy right now. If you have something to say...

Dancing Backward by janissa11 (No rating)
Genderswapping Girl!Dean. This little series is a WIP but it's really funny and good. Girl!Dean has to deal with all the girl issues.
At Sam’s side Dean gasped, and Sam shot him a nervous look. And then blinked, and blinked again, because it wasn’t Dean standing there. Or – not exactly Dean.

Jared/Jensen RPS:
6 Lessons to Live By by strippedpink (NC-17)
I love this. The sequencing and the characterization, the internal stuff and the dialogue. I love every single thing about this, it really really rocks.
Jared had never had a problem talking, but when he got around Jensen, whatever filters he had in place ceased to exist. Whatever dark secrets he’d ever possessed had been blurted out over beer and stale pretzels months ago, and honestly, were usually pretty stupid to begin with.

That's it for now. :) Thanks!
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