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Playing Tag!

Here is my first entry into the game of Tag with Dani!


The first thing he was aware of was hurt. His neck was stiff and sore, like he’d been laying on it wrong all night. He cricked it to the side and winced when he heard it make a loud ‘pop’. He sat up slowly and it was as if all of his senses flooded back.

Everything was loud, smelled odd, and it was bright; not sunny, but like on an overcast day. He could taste something strange lingering in his throat. Not sour like he’d slept with his mouth open all night, but sweet, like lingering flavors from over-chewed bubble-gum.

The next thing he recognized was that he was in a car. The car was rocking smoothly below him and every few seconds it would bump, causing Xander to be even more confused.

Something was also missing; he frowned and took a deep breath, only to realize that he hadn’t been breathing. The missing thing was his heartbeat, and he was slightly cold, on the inside.

He was sitting, groggily, in the backseat of Spike’s Desoto in the middle of the night, and he was dead.


::Tag! You're it!::

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