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I need sleeeeeep.

So we had our Mother's Day thing. All of the girls in the family (and 2 of the guys) went over to my grandma's for a sew-a-thon. :) It was nice. I cut some fabric for my quilt. We ate food, gossiped, took pictures - the usual.

I had starbucks this morning so I was able to actually stay awake, though I'm about ready to sleep now.

I'm thinking of converting cherry_sin into a community. The community FAQ said that I would need to be prepared to delete journal entries. Does that mean that if I convert the comm all the entries are wiped out? If anyone knows, please let me know.


He sounds so weird without the accent... weeeeird. He's still hot though. :)

I wish I knew who the hell these people on SV were... Ah well.

Anywho, nothing really else to report, really sleepy.

Oh! Look what I made for wendy: It's here.

I guess that's it for now...
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