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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Run 4 Your Life

Supernatural Slash Fiction Angstathon

Okay, if you're participating in the SPN slash fiction Angstathon please check out instructions on what to do under the cut. :)

Ok, just follow these steps. :)

1.) Post your story to your journal.

When posting your fic, please use this form(or something close to this) in the story info space:

Note: This is a Supernatural Slash Fiction Angstathon Entry. For the ficathon, I wrote for (LJ username), who wanted (list their fic preferences).
Author's Note:

You don't have follow the form exactly, but just make we know who you wrote for and what they wanted.

2.) Fill out this form as a comment to this post:

My Lj-name:
I wrote for:
Fic title:
Fic link:
Rating & Warnings:
Main type of Angst:

And You're done. :D I'll be posting a speculative list tomorrow. We did have a lot of people write in with late fic notices, so fair warning.

Thanks! :)


Hey! Looks as if I'm the first. (Time zones probably in my favour)

My Lj-name: benitle
I wrote for: mylifewithin
Fic title: Guilty as charged
Fic link: Click me!
Rating & Warnings: NC-17 and very explicit wincest, PWP
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers?: Yes, very mild ones for Provenance
Main type of Angst: H/C with first-time fic

Thanks again for organising all this! You did a great job. ^_^

Another question. Am I allowed to post this to the communities or will you do this once you put up the whole masterthread?

And sorry for teh double post!
My Lj-name: mackeygenius
I wrote for: twitchy_kris
Fic title: Casual Touch
Fic link: Click here
Rating & Warnings: Nc-17 and explicit incest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers?: Yes, for Nightmares and Something Wicked
Main type of Angst: H/C with first time

Yeah, this is my first ficathon and I want to thank you for organizing it! It rocks!
My Lj-name: laminy
I wrote for: falconfan1
Fic title: Sit Outside Your Door and Listen to You Breathing
Fic link: Right Here!
Rating & Warnings: NC-17, incest, some swearing
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers?: None
Main type of Angst: First time/Amnesia

Thanks for organizing this! My first ficathon; can't wait to read what someone wrote for me :D
My Lj-name: sidereal
I wrote for: impertinence
Fic title: Synchronized Revenge
Fic link: Right here!
Rating & Warnings: NC-17, for angst, incest, m/m sex and swearing.
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Spoilers?: Nope.
Main type of Angst: Revenge and a bit of betrayal.


My Lj-name: jakisbishlygay
I wrote for: phantomas
Fic title: Regret
Fic link: http://jakisbishlygay.livejournal.com/74983.html#cutid1
Rating & Warnings: R-ish
Pairing: John Dean
Spoilers?: Pilot
Main type of Angst: Regret, tough decision
My Lj-name:falconfan1
I wrote for:bentile
Fic title: An Understanding
Fic link: http://falconfan1.livejournal.com/4559.html
Rating & Warnings:NC-17 (Wincest but do I really need to warn you all of that at this point? lol)
Main type of Angst:Hurt/Comfort

Hope it's done to your expectations.
(Reply to this)
My Lj-name: thisissirius
I wrote for: grey_eternity
Fic title: Boobs and Haircurlers
Fic link:
Rating & Warnings: NC-17. Non-con. Genderswap. First Time.
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers?: None.
Main type of Angst: Genderswap with First Time
Forgot the link: Here I Am
My Lj-name: poisontaster
I wrote for: emella
Fic title: The Night In Your Eyes
Fic link: Right here!
Rating & Warnings: Adult. Incest, non & dubious consent.
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers: REALLY mild spoilers for "Devil's Trap".
Main type of Angst: Non-con, h/c
Is it okay if we crosspost to the communities?
I was going to post the master list to all the communities, so maybe wait and see how much traffic is sent your way through that? :)
Cool! That works JUST FINE for me! *grins*
My Lj-name: estel_willow
I wrote for: obuletfury302
Fic title: Burn
Fic link: Click Me!
Rating & Warnings: R, deathfic, incest, kinda graphic violence...
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers?: None!
Main type of Angst: Non-con/violence/tragedy.
My Lj-name: warchio/magpie_quills (I'm moving all writing stuff to MQ
I wrote for: elle_dritch
Fic title: Changeling
Fic link: ( Changeling )
Rating & Warnings: Adult, Slash, Incest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers?: No
Main type of Angst: Jealousy/Leaving for University

Sorry it's late. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday and I had to try and get tires changed this morning.
My Lj-name: Impertinence
I wrote for: venilia
Fic title: Just a Chance
Fic link: here
Rating & Warnings: R for language and brokissing
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers: Not really, but probably for the pilot
Main type of Angst: Dean!issues angst, omg-I'm-in-love-with-my-brother, does-he-love-me-back angst
Erm, I have a bit of a dilemma with this. About two hours after I emailed a late notice thing for the angstathon, my computer crashed. I just got it back today and I've lost all of my files. I tried rewriting it or writing a new one altogether but it just isn't coming to me.... :(
Okay, so do you need more time? Or are you saying you won't be able to complete your assignment?

Thanks for letting me know. :)
I'm hoping the plot bunny is going to come soon and if not I'm trying to get ideas from friends. I really want to get this done.
*nod* Okay, well let me know if you can't...

I have faith in you though! :D
Gah, I am so sorry I'm late with this fic, but it's still kicking my arse. I contacted you before about it being late. I'll have to post in parts as it's become a bleeding epic. Is that okay? I've sent the first 11000 words to my betas so, fingers crossed, I'll post that part within a few days.

Again, all apologies. Contact me on Thessaly@fsmail.net if there's a problem or you just want to tell me that I suck. I completely deserve it.
My Lj-name: elle_dritch
I wrote for: thepurpleswitch
Fic title: "Flesh to thy bone"
Fic link: Part 1: Click here
Part 2:Click here
Rating & Warnings: NC-17 Wincest. Not finished yet. Sorry. Mention of BDSM and public sex. Hurrah
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Main type of Angst: Kinky angst as requested. Side order of abandonment issues.

I wasn't looking to see if mine was done, 'cause I didn't finish my story yet, and I come to let emella know I'm done, and here you are! Done too! Or started, anyway, hee.

I can't wait to read it!
My Lj-name: thepurpleswitch
I wrote for: mackeygenius
Fic title: Everything You Ever Do (Will Never Clean Up The Mess We've Made)
Fic link: http://thepurpleswitch.livejournal.com/494820.html
Rating & Warnings: NC17, or nearly. Weird timeline warning.
Pairing: Dean/Sam.
Spoilers?: 1.22, "Devil's Trap."
Main type of Angst: First time.
Um, hi! *waves* Was messing around with Google and it hit that chap one of my WMWW is saved in your memories, which is ultra coolness ^_^ Finally finished chapter 10, and I should have 11 out within the week. Just thought I'd let you know, since it's been nine months since cpt 9 and people tend to stop checking for updates after a while ^_~
Cool, I'll be sure to check it out when I'm looking for more Buffy fic. :)
um... not participating, just a little friendage action. I felt an urge and then your layout and my at-this-moment watching of Buffy decided it. Hello!