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Wierd Dreams... again

I had this dream that I was in blockbuster looking for a movie. And since we have the movie pass we dont have to pay every time, but i actually felt like paying, which is weird. So they've rearranged the store, moved the sections, moved the front door, now there is also a cigarette cabinet/alcove/counter where certain movies and products have to be sold to certain people only. Ok, So I walk around and try to find a movie and I'm really mad, cause they've turned all the movied on their sides so there is more room, but you can't really read them. Anyway, then I remember I want to see the show OZ, so I look for their TV Show section only to discover it's in the cigarette alcove. So I go over there and the local anchorman is for some reason working at blockbuster, only people don't know he's the anchorman. So he can't get me the show for some reason so he sends someone else over, then magically that person morphs back into him. So after all this, I'm waiting in line to get the show and I do, then I go over and for some reason Dana is there. She's getting a movie too. I give the guy my credit card, but then he accidently cuts and wipes it, making it completely blank on one side. No info on it at all. So then Dana is talking about her class ring from HS, which she dropped out from, and the blockbuster guy helping me and the manager go away and when they come back they give me a plastic bag. Inside the plastic bag was my movie and several others, along with naked pictures of the newsanchor/blockbuster employee guy. They said that they were giving me pictures of their biggest employee. It was so bizarre, then I woke up.

Ok, so forgive me if this doesn't make the most sense, I literally just woke up.

But that's my weird dream. ...again.

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