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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Supernatural again

I don't the thougts are just. I can't form thoughts. I mean, What the FUCK?!?!

Ffh faofjowaejfSDsdfd What the Fuck was that?!?!

It was like OMG I can't form thoughts I just my brain go bye bye.

I will edit this post when I can form thoughts, please come back when I have thoughs.

Tree pretty. Fire bad.

Seriously WTF?!213


Okay. My reaction is still kind of up in the air, but I'm really really really releived and like hysterical. I'm so happy because the cliffhanger could have been SO much worse. I was totally expecting like UBERCliffhanger. But when they said three cliffhangers they meant... three guys.

Also, if the CW cancels this show I propose a network wide boycott. No more Veronica, no more Smallville, no more ANYTHING. Because this show is the show of the Fangirl. This is the living breathing essence of the fangirl. This is our show and the network will have to pry it from our cold dead fingers. I will seriously pistol whip the CW if Supernatural isn't brought back. I'm serious. If this show is cancelled the CW is over before it begins. There is no FUCKING way we can stand for them cancelling this show.

Okay. Now before I give a really in depth reaction and I delve into the psych and start analyzing the ep I have to watch it again, but one thing I am absolutely sure of,

Jesen Ackles is the best actor on tv.

No. Comparison.


I'M LIKE, DYING RIGHT NOW. I have to go and make icons to calm my nerves. marishna just posted caps. ;_;
Dude. I'm so frazzled I can't even icon. I'm just like blown away.

Oh, and an FYI, I posted more thoughts and stuff... :)
Jesen Ackles is the best actor on tv.

Tree pretty. Fire bad.

OK ... I don't watch this show *please don't pistol whip me* but this reference I get LOL LOL I've SO been there!
Hee The show is amazingly addicting. I mean dude. And the finale REALLY was like that. :)
Dude, I sat there for a full two minutes, completely speechless and the most coherent thing I could say after that was 'gahh!'

HA! I knew Papa was possessed! It was the only reason Sammy would shoot Papa, okay one of two reasons Sammy would shoot Papa: 1) Papa was possessed or 2) Sammy was possessed. *smug*

BUT! OMG! METALLICAR! *sobs and clings* *sniff* The only way I'll forgive them for doing that to that gorgeous car is if they give the boys a 1964 Mustang.
I was just like :O

I knew John was possessed from the photos too, the one with the John and the demony eyes.

That car is like a character poor baby. *hugs the car*
*blink* I don't think I saw those. Or maybe I did and didn't notice. *scritches head*

*wails* I knooooow! *sobs*
*g* I went and looked it up myself. I thought Papa's eyes looked off in that pic.
Heh. :P
Well I don't live over there, but I'm not EVER watching CW if I'm visiting my aunt of they boot it. EVER!

Jensen Ackles rules. As does Jared, cause he sure had me hanging in the end there! I was cheering for him to use his psychic abilities!
If the CW doesn't bring back SPN I will keeel those Mother F-ers.

Jensen does rule. Jared is pretty good, but Jenny is amazing. :)
ahahaha, you're so cute, Em.

and word to everything you said above.

Jensen Ackles IS the best damn actor on TV, ever.

And OMG, I have no thoughts either, at least no coherent ones.

Aww! Thanks! :)

Metallicar = good. Jenny = great.