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TV Wednesday & More

Okay, first, I just saw a new trailer for the SPN finale. OMGOMGOMGOGMOGOMG! Is it Thursday yet?! *clings to Sam and Dean*

Here is where to find the trailer.

Dean freaking out about John. Oh man.

OMG! The Impala was smashed by a semi!

Oh man, I want to see what happens! Will Sam shoot papa? Will Dad be dead? Oh man what will happen? *bites nails*

Is it Thursday yet?


Okay, so this episode was amazing. Omar just did an amazing job, his performance was amazing. I didn't like the whole aspect with his dad, it just seemed like he wasn't realizing that his son was dying. Maybe it was just me...

Cuddy was in such an awkward position for this ep. I can understand having to keep things safe, but I don't understand why they couldn't have extracted the dude's brain if they were in a clean room in suits.

Way to go for Cameron calling Cuddy out, that was awesome. Cameron showing backbone was a thing of beauty.

The scene with Cameron and Foreman and the apology, oh man I got teary. I really like those two. I actually really sort of want them to hook up. Is that weird? Does anyone else want that?

I didn't like how they ended the ep, I want to know what's up with Foreman. Grr.


Ok, wtf?! Michael and the, with the. I mean GAH!

I totally knew something was up with him when he came back, I didn't know what it was, but I knew there was something up with him.

Ana dying, YAY! Anna not telling Jack about his sister Boo!

Ana hooking up with Sawyer was hot. I really liked the hotness of the writhing... That was niiiiice. Maybe I'm just horny...

Anyway, the rest of the ep was just kind of meh. The flash back with Ana hooking up with Jack's dad, that was just so weirdly random and kind of dumb. It sort of felt like the writers were just trying to figure out how to make Ana get to Sydney as opposed to having it be part of the story. Meh I dunno.

I really really hate this show. It's like just when I'm ready to give up on it and quit watching I want to watch it more. I'm really torn right now because I hate watching lost, the show is just beyond annoying and I'm sick of watching it. Yet I feel obligated to find out what happens. It's like I have too much time invested in the show to quit watching it.

Top Chef:

Okay, here is my commentary during the show:

-Oh man, I love the junk food aspect for the quickfire. I feel so bad for Dave, he just kind of threw something together. I really don't want him to go! *bites nails*

-I'm happy for Harold, he did have a really unique idea for the quickfire, but I feel bad for Dave.

-Wow. Wine? And truffles? That's kind of... meh. I guess it's just a chef thing. What the hell is a truffle anyway?

-Aww, Harold, you Mr. Darcy you. I hope being sick doesn't affect his game.

-Wow, Nappa is so pretty.

-Yay for Dave. I hope he rocks the beef.

-Tiffani needs to pull the stick out of her butt. She's a good chef, but jeez.

-Okay, Did anyone else think that Tom was looking down on Dave for making Mac & Cheese?

-I'm glad Tiffani's dish was acidy.

-Harold's dish is so pretty. He sounds so proffesional.

-Poor Lee Anne having to go last with the lamb.

-I want to smack Dave sometimes, he just talks too much sometimes. Poor Dave. *hugs*

-Oh it looks like Dave might go home...

-Ugh, It looks like Tiffani is staying.


-NO! Poor Lee Anne! Damn. Harold or Dave better win. Tiffani sucks. Meh. *pouts* I really thought Lee Anne would win. Darn. Oh well, I can't wait until next week to see what happens.

So BIG TV Wednesday.

Thanks! :P
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