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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I am so freaking nuts. I signed up to create 100 Supernatural icons for 100_anything. Some of the prompts are kind of hard to work in, but hopefully I can work with it.

Anyway, today is kind of boring. I think I may go and take a nap, but meh...

House is on tonight, YAY! Omar Eps is doing such a fabulous job. :)

I guess that's it for now, I really need to get on the move and work on my ficathon fic, but it's just kind of stuck... I guess I'll just go nap or something. *sigh*

And before I forget:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! angelic_nl! I hope you have a good one! :D


I thought about doing that before I posted my like...I think it was 130 SPN icons. But I said "screw it" for some reason. I can't remember why. I think I might have been lazy. *shrug* And that's funny. Me...the amker of 130 icons in one sitting...lazy? xD

I might do it for VMars. I've yet to create icons for all of the eps.

I've been really dyslexic when it comes to typing lately....
Hee. I do that too. :)
Heh. :D Well I've made 100 Brokeback Mountain icons, so I know how it works. Although it should be easier now because I don't have a time limit. Eh well. :)

Icons ROCK.

VM is also really awesome. :)
thanks hun!! I had a great one :-D!!!

I had a question, whose animated mood theme(Angel etc) did you first use...I miss some pics and need to upload them.
I'm glad you had fun! :D

I made the mood theme would you like me to send you the .zip file. Some of the files were Xander and Spike, just to refresh your memory.
I know that Xander and Spike were a part of it too, but Angel...*sigh* ;-)
I would be very happy if you'd sent me the file...

Sent. :)
Gah actually it gave me a delivery failure notice, is that your correct email addy? The file is 10.4 MB can you accept files that large?
yes, i can accept those files.
annikahoogeveen@hotmail.com or a.hoogeveen@student.rug.nl