Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Veronica Mars

Okay, so this ep was just... I don't even know.

I cried when Aaron got off. Because Lily won't ever be back and he killed her and everything is just over. The worst part, though, is that he'll never pay for what he did.

I'm sad for Wallace. Did anyone else feel like he and Veronica were saying goodbye for the last time?

Next week Duncan is back! Yay! And I wonder how Veronica will stay in Neptune. I really want her to get the Kane scholarship, but I know she has to stay in Neptune.

I can't wait to find out what happened with the bus crash, and I always knew I didn't like Woody.

I'd give this ep an 8 1/2 out of 10. :)

In other news, I'm sort of freaking out over some real life stuff.

wendy Thank you SO much for your card, I really appreciated it. I also need to talk to you about some stuff on AIM.

Thanks all. :)
Tags: general, show review, tv, vm

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