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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Freak out & Veronica Mars

Okay so the black out freaked me the fuck out. And darkhavens tells me it might not be over...

I'll post more on VM when I'm sure we're back...

*cuddles her lj close*

EVERYONE!!!! If you are reading this! Please add me onto your IM lists, in case we are seperated again! Let us never be parted! *clings to LJ and you all*

Yahoo IM: Cherry_Sinclaire
AOL: Emella333
msn: kevy_s__girl @ hotmail.com


When that happened last year a huge batch of us created ourselves accounts in greatestjournal.com in case lj never came back. LJ did, thank god, but we all kept the accounts over there anyway. Some of us use it constantly and others, like me, use it mostly when lj doesn't work.
Yeah, that's what darkhavens said. I'm thinking of getting one for the blackouts...
And since greatestjournal.com looks almost exactly like lj it shouldn't be hard for you to find yourself. Bonus, you don't have to pay for your account to have extra features like icons... you get 1000 automatically :)
Wow, that's a lot of icons. I did go ahead and sign up for a greatest journal, my username is still emella. :)
Mine is still stolenglimpse ;)
Cool, I'll add you. :)
I'm not doing all that much in it since lj's working but it's always nice to have another place. The only post that gets updated is the screencaps list. I've wanted to do something more over there though so maybe more posts will show up in the future :)

I'll add you back too.
Yeah, I've made one post on there, and I haven't been on there since, really, bu that's cool. :D

The latest post I did was a bit of a comparison with lj and how I find greatestjournal to be somewhat "empty" compared to lj in terms of communities and stuff...