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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Harry Potter - Emma Neener

In other news...

I'm thinking of chopping like half my hair off.

It's too hot in here.

I feel itchy.

I feel icky.

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Ooooo...how long is it? Mine used to be (I'm not kidding) three and a half feet long. I got sick of sitting on it and how long it took to take care of, so I got it chopped to just past my shoulders. Granted, I can't look like an elf anymore, but it's already growing back. It's almost down to my butt now. x]

It felt so good to get it cut. If yours is anything like mine used to be, I'd say do it. *nods*

I'm only using this icon because that wig looks like it's itching somethin' fierce. lol
Mine is pretty long, the very tip of the longest strand reaches my lower back, but I have semi-curly hair, so it's really right above my lower back.

It's taken me 5 years to grow it this long, my hair grows very very slowly, so if I cut it, I'm only going to cut off about 5 or 6 inches, but it will still be a big change.

That icon rocks. :D
Doesn't it? BTW, the song they were "recording" was Don't Fear the Reaper, by the Blue Oyster Cult. Said song was featured on SNP. I think technically (at least in my mind) that it also counts as a SNP icon. lol


Oh I love that song(I think, I've only heard it a handful of times). That's ironic that they were recording it.

You know it's funny, the local newspaper company here is called SNP (Suburban News Publication) so I didn't even pick up on it. LOL
I used to have pretty long hair but now I pretty much always keep it above my shoulders at the longest to pixie as the shortest. Personally I'm a fan of short hair ... if you don't want to do anything to it in the morning ... cut it very short and if you want to play with it ... grow it out a bit :) Very versatile.

The down side is to grow it out long you have to go through the really nasty can't do anything with it stage LOL
I was forced to have very short boy-style hair cuts when I was young, and when I was about 12 I started to grow it out. It's also more of a tangle issue for me, I have thick curly hair, so if you keep it long it's actually easier to deal with. I'm really only sick of the fact that I can't do anything with it. It's too long for cute up-do's, and it's too long and thick to leave down... meh. Bah!

Yeah, see my hair has been long for about 5 years, but I remember how horrible it was to have it short, so I'm really weary of cutting off more than like 4 or 5 inches. 5 is really scary.
Ahhh ... I understand . Sounds like you DO need something done how's about a longish bob? Short enough not to tangle like crazy yet long enough for an up-do.

Mine is thin and mousy so I can do the really short hair and not worry about it ;) It's the long hair that is a nightmare for me :)
I'm not sure a bob would look good on me, because it would just end up becoming like a weird version of a perm I think. I'll have to look into styles, but thanks for the suggestion though. :)
Yeah .. a lot of times that's the only thing you CAN do .. look through those books and hope for the best :)

BTW ... I've been wanting to ask you what happened with the college you applied to? The arts/design one you were excited about. I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you :)
Oh! I got in, I'm actually going for summer quarter. I'm entering into the Video Production program, which is a two year associates degree. It's super scary because I'm moving to Pittsburgh, which is just far enough away that I can't come home on a weekend.

Thanks for the finger crossage! :D
YAY !!! I'm so very happy for you!!!! *doing a happy dance* Congratulations :)

Hey, Pittsburgh is only a couple of hours from me .. cool! They've got an IKEA there wish they'd have one closer .. I'd live in that store LOL :)
Hee! Thanks!

Yeah, It's about a four hour drive from Columbus, so it's jut far enough away without being super-far.

I've never been to IKEA, but their furniture looks so purty. :D
OOOHHH .. It's a fun place to shop and not only for furniture they've got great decorations ... and it's CHEAP! Which is very important to starving college students *hint hint* The store is ginormous .. I reserve a whole day to go shopping there! The website is really nice if you want to check it out.
Oooh Cool. I'll definetly have to go and check that out. :D