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I'm so fucking sleepy. I should go to bed, but I wanted to post for unknown reasons.

A few things:

1 - I am addicted to Supernatural meta.
2 - I am really really addicted to Supernatural finale predictions.
3 - I am really really really addicted to Supernatural.

Like SO addicted.

Other stuff: I've been doing nothing recently, not really anything. I need to work on my SPN angstathon fic, and I feel guilty my Buffy stuff is up in the air.

I'm angsting about school and worrying that I won't like it/stick with it/fit in. Meh same old same old.

I've got another Recs list to post. More Supernatural. I swear the fic is just piling up.

Oh I've been saying this weird word lately, I invented it. I don't know why I say it, but I say it when I find a new fic from a great author, or when I have nothing to say but I'm happy about something. The word is 'Bajuju' Pronounces 'BuhJewJew' and yeah having the word Jew in there looks bad, but whaddya gonna do? Anyway, I say the word like an exclamation, like 'Bajuju!' only not super-excited.

Yeah, I'm stupid, bleh.

I must sleep now.

Tags: college, general, supernatural

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