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OMG *hates cliffhangers*

Okay, I kinda knew the cliffhanger was coming, but still.

First off I loved this episode. Everyone is just a woobie. Everyone.

John with Pastor Jim and Caleb and Mary. Oh man. *hugs papa* I love him so much more now.

I loved everything about this episode, so I'll start from the top:

-The opening credits were awesome, I really need that song now, does anyone have the Wayward Son song?

-Wtf was with Meg's hair, I mean a bowl cut?! Why was she a 10 year old boy from the 70's?

-Meg's eyes were awesome, killing Pastor Jim sucked. Especially from the fanfic side of things.

-Poor Sam, it really was his fault about the demon. Our fanfiction prophecies have come true.

-Did anyone else get a weird vibe from Dean when John announced the signs to indicate the demon? Like Dean knew something or remembered something from Lawrence... Maybe it was just me... meh.

-I felt so bad for John when he got all sad and teary about Jim. And poor Sam, Jim was probably like an uncle to him. Poor little boys. *cuddles John*

-Hee! Dean with the slutty administrator was funny. She was really really pretty though. During that scene, though, I couldn't help but think, 'Jenny is so prettier than you.'

-Sam's vision was kind of weird. The vision itself was cool, but it's almost like they spent too much time on it, and then Sam just taking off, without telling Dean, I don't really buy that. Sam would at least call Dean.

-The baby reading minds, that's fucked up, but at least now we know why the demon is going after certain people. I guess Sam just has those abilities locked up or something. It was kind of weird the way mom just volunteered the info, but I guess they had to tell us about it somehow.

-The last vision Sam had, with the weird clock, that was so dumb that it was like the same exact clock like Sam's. I understand that they have a small budget, but come on. :\

-Oh man, the scene with John and Dean and Sam and discussing the visions, that scene was LOVE completely. That scene and the semi-fight between the boys. I'm glad that they tied the visions up with the demon, it proves that when/if they kill the demon that Sam's visions might go away. I dunno how I feel about that, but they've left themselves an out.

I loved John's reaction, how he was confused and irritated and he immidiately went after Dean. I could just feel the meta coming on from that scene. I actually kind of got a vibe that John was freaked by the visions, like he was maybe a teeny bit scared of Sam because of them, so maybe he turns to talk about it to Dean instead, because he's freaked. Just a thought.

-Dean standing up to Daddy was the BEST. I completely squeed. I loved that he showed backbone in that scene. I love how he mentions the fact that he was dying and John didn't answer the phone, and yet he(John) thinks that Sam having visions is something worth while.

Dean actually sounds a little fed up in that scene, I want to believe that he's feeling fed up with being second best, but I know he's probably just sick of John's 'doing things on my own' B.S. John admitting his failures is great though, it really shows that he is a good guy. Calling Dean out on his tone was really coo too. I love that Sam is rubbing off on Dean and that Dean's breaking out of his shell.

-The killing Caleb scene was a little too long for my taste, they really showed the extent of how far the demon/Meg is willing to go, but it was just too long.

-I loved Dean's tone when he said the 'You're gonna hand Meg a fake gun and hope she doesn't notice?' It was like he was calling John out, nearly like calling him a dumbass.

-John was just such a big woobie talking about Sammy and school and Mary and everything. *hugs him tight* The way his voice breaks is so heartbreaking.

-Did anyone else notice Jenny's freckles in the outdoor gun-switch scene? I think he's been out in the sun recently... At the same time I noticed Jeffrey's freckles too. One thing I really like about this show is the odd way in which the actors are kind of related. Jenny and Jared both have green(ish) eyes. They all three sort of have texas accents... stuff like that.

Jen's accent in that scene is just wonderful.

Also, Jeff has *really* long eyelashes, they actually rival Jenny's.

-This episode was so drawn out, like the scene in the warehouse, before meeting Meg, really, way too long.

-You know it's really interesting, in the first scene between Dean and Sam in the car, Dean says, "I'd feel a lot better if we were there backing him[John] up." Sam then says, "I'd feel a lot better if he were here backing us up." It's interesting to see the two boys differences in that statement.

Dean IMO is only thinking about going to his father to help him out and make sure they're all together, like John's mission is the more important one, or like he should be the one in charge and they should always be the ones to follow.

Where as Sam want's their dad to come to them, maybe because their job *is* the more important one, or because Sam thinks that John should be the one to join them for a change. Meh I dunno, it's something to think about...

-Oh man, the second scene in the car between the boys. I could totally hear Jared's accent for one thing. Secondly I totally love that they're acknowledging how great Dean is. I swear I think the writers are reading our posts, this episode was just a lot more Dean friendly.

"Even when I couldn't count on anyone, I could always count on you."

Awww! I just want to snuggle the boys. Yay. :)

The whole compliment/thank you to Dean actually felt a little backhanded toward the end, what with the 'just in case.' comment. Like the only valid reason to thank Dean is because Sam is willing/wants to die. I love that Dean stood up against the comment though.

-Was it just me, or did John look a little skittery in the Meg scene, I mean I thought he would have put off an air of confidence like with the vamps in 'DMB' but he just looked scared. Maybe I just want to cuddle him, I dunno.

-Dean's evil doppleganger was weird. I wonder if he's the real demon, I mean it would certainly seem so what with the end...

-The holy water was a cool idea, but it would have been way better if it had been a surprise that it was holy water and not just regular water.

-John's tires getting slashed was bad, but wtf!? If you had evil demon people after you, wouldn't you risk ruining your rims? I mean seriously.

-The demon's eyes were really cool, but Sam hesitating to shoot was so stupid, I know they wanted us to see it's eyes, but still.

Also, what was up with this. Sam was acting a little Mary Sueish in that scene. I mean 95% of the time, Dean is the one that defeats the evil and saves the day, why does Sam all of a sudden get to take charge and go after the demon? Kripke is playing up his Mary Sue a little too much.

-The crib bursting into flames was good, new.

-John with evil!demon!dean was cool, very creepy and ominous when he was pushed up the wall.

-When the baby's room exploded outward with the massive fireball, that was just plain cool. The pyrotechnics were awesome.

Dean holding Sam back, that was also awesomly brilliant.

-Sam/Jared's voice in the next scene, it sounded like he had been crying in his first sentence; I imagine it was from doing takes over and over, but you never know, maybe Sam had been crying.

Sam is just too suicidal with that line about 'ending all this.' He really does think he's the center of it all. I mean I know he is the center of it, but he's just so emo about it. I know he feels responsible, but I dunno, it's just a little awkward and a tiny bit self-centered the way they presented it. Although I think it's just the Mary Sue effect.

I love Jared's look in that scene, right before/when he says 'You don't know that.' He looks like such a little boy. Oh man, and if you look, right when he stands up, his eyes are all swollen and red from crying, yet when the camera cuts over for a close up he looks pretty normal.

-Sam freaking out and slamming Dean into the wall. Jeez. I mean the emotion was awesome, but I really have to say that Jenny's performance was the best. PrimaDonna!Jared was great as usual, and he totally owned the last half of their little fight, what with his tears, but Jensen really did just leap into being Dean. I mean he is just pouring everything into the character and it totally shows. I really love how much Jen is doing with Dean, he's just making him stand out so freaking much.

-Did anyone have a thought that Sam's telekenisis would flare because he was so pissed at Dean? I totally thought that.

-Sam crying was so awesome, but I really wish Dean had cried. I was actually chanting for him to cry. God, that boy never breaks. He came pretty damn close in this episode, but man, he's a rock on the outside.

-Did anyone notice that scene? There was this little tiny tiny part during a profile shot of the boys, Dean and Sam both move their heads in this weird way and it's almost like I could see them kissing. I swear I could just see it. If the boys weren't so emotionally discharged, they totally could have kissed...

(I'm so dirty!bad!wrong!)

Don't worry though, when I can I'll post a screenshot of that scene to show you all what I mean.

-Teary!Sam at the very end was such a woobie worrying about their dad.

I love both of the boy's last looks, one of Dean's worst fears pretty much came true, I mean technically they don't know if John is alive or Dead, so Dean's look is just kind of 'DUH! DUH! DUUUNNNHHH!' And Sam's look of surprise in the end is really good, a great last shot for the cliffhanger.

So that was my play by play review, sorry to be sort of schitzo about it, I'm just really sleepy.

Overall, I loved this ep. There were some absolutely golden scenes. Grade A awesome scenes, but it was like the rest of the stuff was filler. A lot of the events were a little too drawn out, and I think that there just wasn't enough substance. I mean it was like the scenes were either awesome or bleh, it was weird.

I think that maybe if they had had some kind of twist or something else added in, that it would have felt more like a normal ep, but I really think they just didn't have enough substance... This whole ep probably could have been shortened to 40 minutes long, maybe a little longer, but it was still too short. They definitly could have added something more...

Anyway, I can't wait for the next episode and I really want to watch the trailer for the finale. If anyone knows where I can find it I would be very appreciative.

So anywho, fantastic ep for the most part, kind of long but still wonderful. I give it a 9 1/4 out of 10. :)

Thanks! :D
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