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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Actor - Jake peek


So I'm doing the LJ Pet Peeves meme.

Write up to 5 (or less) of your LJ pet peeves and post them in your journal. Then tag 3 people to do the same.

Snatched from all over.

-People who have more than 10 (out of 100) icons with their names/pictures on them.

-People who post in other fonts; when they change the font of their entry. (other than like bolding and stuff)

-People who post super-long-HUGE-ASS-more-than-2-or-3-paragraphs entries and don't use an lj-cut.

-People who don't use capital letters. At all.

I tag: oneluckyb el_gilliath & ignoretherain


I completely agree with you about all of those. Especially that first one. It comes off as very conceited, to me. I only have one icon with my name on it and even that feels kinda wrong. And the lj-cuts one is so annoying too. Everyone knows how to use them, yet some continue not to bother with them. It's rude and it clogs my flist for no good reason.
I know what you mean about the conceited thing, I have one icon with my name on it and I never use it. If I want to use a name icon, I use my Emma Watson 'E' icon, because it's really just her and the E.

The LJ cut thing bugs the crap out of me a lot. I understand posting big paragraphs or multiple paragraphs, it's just when you have like 8 10+ sentence paragraphs that bug me. Bleh, I can tolerate it, but I always mentally bitch about it.

Hahaha. Wow, my lj must be fun for you then. ;)
Lol No it's cool, your posts and what not are so fun about all the neat stuff you're doing lately. :P
A two paragraph post = super-long-HUGE-ASS??


I'm fine with multiple paragraphs and one long paragraph(with in reason) It's when you have like 4+ paragraphs with 10 sentences or more in each paragraph.

Bugs me, but I can live with it.
Oh good. *looks shifty*
Hee! You make me giggle.

You're totally cool btw. :P
Woot, YAY!

Hee! *hugs* :P