Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again


So I'm doing the LJ Pet Peeves meme.

Write up to 5 (or less) of your LJ pet peeves and post them in your journal. Then tag 3 people to do the same.

Snatched from all over.

-People who have more than 10 (out of 100) icons with their names/pictures on them.

-People who post in other fonts; when they change the font of their entry. (other than like bolding and stuff)

-People who post super-long-HUGE-ASS-more-than-2-or-3-paragraphs entries and don't use an lj-cut.

-People who don't use capital letters. At all.

I tag: oneluckyb el_gilliath & ignoretherain
Tags: meme
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