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Weird ass dream

Ok I just had the weirdest dream. Forgive the huge ass paragraph and typos, still half asleep.

I dreamed that I had just moved into the dorms at art school and they were really nice, and half the time they weren't even dorms. Like they could morph between huge school dorm and smallish mansion-like house. Anyway so my room that I share with 4 people that is 2 bedrooms is awesome. So I sort of move in and my roomate hasn't moved in the first day. So then somehow I meet a friend, she looks a little like this chick I knew from High school and she acts a little like her too, but she's different. Anyway, we start talking and I spend the night at her dorm just kinda hanging out and then we decide we want to share a room. So we decide to see if we can live in my room. Well my roomate hadn't moved in the day before, but when I get back to my room her stuff is there. So then she comes out of the bathroom and it's Miranda M. Miranda M. was the biggest bitch, the devil, from middle school. So I'm like 'Aw hell naw' and we both agree that there is no way we are living together. So we argue over who gets the room and then a bunch of people start filtering in and some sort of RA advisor people show up and we ask if my friend can move in here and the RA dude is like 'No, you've been here for 6 months'(talking to my new friend)'And didn't you pass out on the dance floor just last week?' I have no idea wtf that means, but it's basically a no. So he and his posse leave, yet some of Miranda's friends(popular kids from HS) are still filtering around. So then out of the blue, I turn to talk to Miranda and complain about this. And I'm like 'They can't do this. They can't put two people who hate each other in the same room.' And at the time I'm thinking that I could totally switch us rooms because she caused me severe emotional distress a while ago. But then I notice that something is different and while I was talking to Miranda she either morphed into Jared Padalecki or she left and Jared sat down, but halfway through my sentence it's Jared and I'm not even the least bit thrown. So then Jared smiles and he nods and there's a guy sitting next to him, this guy went to my HS but I'm not sure I know his name, and anyway he's on Jared's right and his left leg is crossed at the ankle with Jared's right foot. So Jared says to me something like, 'So yeah, could you get us to switch rooms? Cause I would really like to room with him.' and he jerks his head to indicate the guy sitting next to him. And then it hits me that JARED PADALECKI IS GAY AND WANTS TO SECRETLY ROOM WITH HIS BOYFRIEND. Or something along those lines. So I'm like 'Oh. OOOooohhh. Um yeah maybe.'

And then I wake up.

There was also this part with my cat and some bitchy chick calling him 'Theo' when his name is Leo, but it's sort of unimportant and doesn't matter.

But yeah, so freaky...
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