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Ok, So work was ok today. The dog drove me crazy, but CJ got on the computer and that let me read my book. I'm re-reading the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. Well skimming really.

So anyway, CJ basically french kissed the dog. He lets the dog lick him a lot (I hate it when he licks, but it's not like it's harmful; I mean cleanest mouths) especially in the face. Well today CJ stuck out his tongue and let the dog lick it. For like a two minutes. I was ready to puke, and I told him to stop, but when Emily says something, it means 'Oh! Lets do it more!'


Anyway, mom and I went to dinner and then on to Fashion Bug, I got some PJs and two pair of sweat pants, a pink tank-shirt with a built in bra, and two jackets, one is like pink w/ gray stripes, and the other is black w/ white stripes. They're cute.

I'm so tired, so I think it might be an early night(yeah right). I need to head on over to the Stacks and do some reading.

Our Mini-Challenge ends tonight.

*toddles off*
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