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Pittsburgh & School

I'm back! :)

There is more on the school and my trip under the cut.

Okay, so first off, how fucking unfair is it that 2 hours before we leave I get my period? Sons of bitches sometimes it sucks to be a girl.

Anyway, sorry, so we left a little later than planned on Friday and when we left it started to rain, so yeah not too fun. We drove for a while and stopped at a few rest stops, but we didn't really stop anywhere else. We left home at about 3:30 and got to Pittsburgh at around 7:15. What was really neat, is that we were driving toward Pittsburgh and we were like looking all over for it and we couldn't see it and then finally we realize we had to go through a tunnel to get there. So we go through the tunnel and just like BURST out of the side of the mountain and there is pittsburgh lying spread out below. That was kind of neat. The city is much much bigger than in pictures.

So then we drove past the school and got lost and so it was actually about 8:30 before we got to the hotel. It was really dissappointing at first, becuase I'm not sure what kind of expectations I had or what kind of thoughts I was thinking, but Pittsburgh is pretty good sized and the so called 15 minute walk from the dorm to the school would have taken me like an hour. I mean honestly it's just too far to walk.

Needless to say I was really uber bummed and depressed and I just wanted to go home. I mean I knew/know I can't do that walk every day. So I pouted and hung out in the room for all of 5 minutes while mom went down to the hotel's restaurant and ate.

Then I got the great idea to just go out for a walk. So I did, and boy was that scary. I walked about 100 feet and started to freak out because it was dark and rainy and at night and the city buildings were looming and I almost freaked, but I just kept walking.

I walked in the sprinkly rain for a few blocks, saw a McDonalds, was gonna grab some chow and take it back to the room, but they were closed, so I walked another block and turned back around. Apparently everything(in that part of downtown) closes at 9.

So when I got back to the hotel I went to the restarant and found mom. I had a cheeseburger and we ate. After we left we decided to stop and talk to the concierge about bus schedules.

The guy we talked to, it was so freaky because, he looked EXACTLY like an overweight slightly sweaty version of Jeffery Dean Morgan. It was weird because while we were talking to him I could help but like stare and think of him as John Winchester. SO funny/weird.

He told us that there were buses all over and I felt slightly reassured that maybe I had options. So then we went to bed and I slept until about 5 am in which my back started screaming about matress injustices. I could NOT go back to sleep. Finally though, around 6:30 I fell asleep and 20 minutes later my mom wakes me up by crinkling sugar packets and running the noisy coffee pot. I wanted to smack her.

She took these pictures from out hotel room yesterday morning (sorry about the blur):

The point where the two rivers meet and form the Ohio river. The Allegheny is on the right, the Monongahela is on the left.

(the big hill/mountain that we drove through(the bridge runs into the tunnel). The Monongahela river is below.

Okay, so then we got dressed and what not and went down to the restaurant to have breakfast. I had the most AMAZING banana pancakes, SO good.

Next we checked out and drove to the school. The open house was at 10 & 1, so we went to the 10:00. We parked and went inside and checked in and what not. They showed us a presentation and I got SUPER excited because I just wanted to like squee at the awesomeness of it all.

After the super cool presentation in which I decided I wanted to take every single major, we went and took a tour with our department head. I've been accepted into the Video Production program, so we went and got to see all the neat things associated with that.

I saw mixing boards and green screens and $75,000 computers. It was like a mini-orgasm-wet-dream, just all the awesome equipment and the sheer amount of stuff. The department guy said that they have terrabytes of space and I swear I felt swooney. Hee!

We also got to see a neat project students had to do where they replace the sounds from a movie(Bill & Ted's excellent adventure) with their own sounds. The example we saw was really cool and it acutally did sound like the movie.

I've been really kind of weary about this whole desicion because I've been afraid I won't connect with anyone or get any friends, but the department head of Video Production said that you work a lot in teams and networking and what not is very important, so I was eased a lot. It really sounds like the program and the school are just uber awesome.

Mom said that how I feel about the school should weigh about 70% of my decision, and I know I'm at least 70% happy. The rest I think I'll just have to work up the courage and deal with.

Anyway, back to the school, after the tour the rest of the group I was with went up to meet and talk about admissions, but seeing as I was already in we went and talked to the financial planners. I filled out some forms and Mom got chastised and they said she needed to have her taxes done asap. Blah...

After the financial aid stuff we went down to pay my enrollment fee(it just locks in my tuition) and talk to my admissions rep. She was nice and we did everything we needed. Then we went and caught a shuttle over to the dorms.

The dorms were okay, MUCH nicer rooms than Wright state. First off, you get a kitchen! Secondly, if you have 2 roomates instead of just one you get not only a kitchen and a bathroom, you get an eat-in area and a bedroom. (The bedroom is half the size of my bedroom at home and you share it with two girls, but oh well.) There's also closets...

The rest of the dorm building isn't that great, it kinda looks like an industrial coal mine because of the crappy lighting and the brick walls everywhere, but it's just what it is. A lot of students get an apartment it looks like. Someone said it was actually cheaper to get an apartment and live closer to the school than live at the dorms. I'm going to live in the dorms for at least one or two quaters, but after that I might consider getting an apartment.

Anyway, all in all I LOVE the school. The rest I could take or leave. Pittsburgh is bigger than Columbus and I've never really lived in a "city." I'll just have to stick it out and see what happens. It's only for two years and who knows what could happen in that time.

The drive home was meh. It rained the whole time we were in Pittsburgh, yet the drive home was gorgeously sunny, I think Murphy had a hand in that.

Anywho, that was my trip and now here are more pictures! :D

(The gorgeous weather when we left home for Pittsburgh.)

(the front of the school)

(A random hallway at the school.)

(Down the street to the left of the school.)

(Down the street to the right of the school.)

(Me looking like shit in front of the school. My hair is pulled up so I look HORRIBLE)

(Random sky scraper)

(Another random sky scraper.)

(Random city street)

(The most important place in the city, right wendy?) :P

(Going across the Allegheny to the dorms)

(Same thing.)

(The dorms.)

(And home again.)

That's it for now. :)

Thanks! :D
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