Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again


Okay, so OMGSQUEE! Okay, now that that's over with...

I LOVED this episode. Papa Winchester rocks.

I didn't buy the whole 'finding the boys and just getting into the car' thing. That was kinda crappy on the writer's parts.

The colt story is awesome and I'm happy that there is an end in site for the mystery of Mary's Killer.

I loved the scene between Sam and John, that was really great and angsty. But the BEST was the fight between 'em. Oh that was so awesome and I loved how they put Dean in the middle, I can totally see where he would have been emotionally right before Sam went away. Jared is such a prima donna when he yells. :D

Oh! And the Impala chastising! That was brilliant! I love how Dean was all :( about it. So great, and I was wondering, is that why Dean loves the car so much and is so adament about the car? Does he feel more responsibility towards it because his father gave him that responsibility? I like to think so anyway. :)

The vamps were pretty cool, and for some reason I really liked how Dean had to drop the machete to save Sam in the end. For some reason I flashed back on when Sam was like a little kid, maybe it was because the Vamp had him by the throat...?

Eh I dunno. :)

It was a GREAT episode, I would give it a 9 out of 10. :D

Also, I'm leaving for Pittsburgh today, so I'll be back hopefully tomorrow night and I'll talk about stuff. (Note! To see why the hell I am going to Pittsburgh, go to my journal and scroll down, I posted about it the other day but accidently set the entry to private. I've fixed it now. More school stuff on that post...)

Anyway, later. :D
Tags: show review, supernatural, tv

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