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School & Misc.

First off, WTF?! South Park has finally lost it.

Oprah's minge?! Gary?! omg...

Also, stuff about my future/school

Okay, so I was accepted to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was accepted into their Video Production program.

Oh just writing it fills me with such a sense of accomplishment. I want to squee but I kind of can't/don't want to. Here's the deal, about a month ago I decided I wanted to go into the tv business, specificly writing and directing. So I visted collegeboard and did a college search. I discovered the University of Pittsburgh. Now I kind of looked into it and it looked like a good idea, but after a day or so I discovered the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. That same day I applied and talked to a representative from the school. I sent in my application and transcript request forms and waited extremely superstitiously on the edge of my seat waiting to see if I was accepted.

So I recieved information and course catalogs, a cd and all sorts of stuff. Then I had a phone interview with that same representative from before and discovered that the dorms for the school weren't actually close to the school. The dorms are 1.3 miles away from the building - and you have to walk that pretty much every morning. Now, I want to be realistic, sometimes I couldn't make myself go to class at Wright state, and that was probably only like 2/3 of a mile both ways. So I freaked out thinking I wasn't going to go there.

Now after some thought I've decided to wait and see. I really want to go there, but I'm not sure I can walk 1.3 miles a day on top of walking around at school (Luckily the school has a tram at night so you only have to walk to school) Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there anyway, but mom and I are going to Pittsburgh this weekend to double check it out. (Well really we're attending an open house that was pre-scheduled, but I'm pretty sure if I can walk 1.3 miles across a bridge in the dead of winter that I'll be going.

I'll just have to wait and see. So I'll be out of town Friday and Saturday, probably won't get on LJ on Friday, though maybe Saturday night. I dunno, we'll see. :)

Just wanted to let you all know what was up with me. :P


Tags: college, future, general

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