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Blah blah blah

So I messed around with my memories. I rearranged them and what not.

Other stuff:

Easter: Was okay but some stupid shit happened that I'm thinking about way too much. I sort of freaked out during a conversation about school districts. I feel anxious even thinking about it.

Moving on...

School is still up in the air, I thought it was over and done with but not yet so I'll talk about that when it is a done deal.

I've been lacking on the iconage lately. It's like it's just been uninteresting/I've been unmotivated to create them. Weirdly though, I've really been wanting to get on the Potter's Wheel... strange.

I've been reading Supernatural fic like crazy and been busy writing absolutely nothing. I did manage to get about 1500 words of crap for an SPN fic and about another 6-700 for my ficathon fic. It's non-con so it's sort of testing my limits with angst...

I really need to clean my room, it's a complete mess and that sucks.


I've been really bad about commenting in friends journals, and I'm trying to improve, so I'm sorry. If you want me to read something or whatever, just comment and let me know.


Looking forward to House and VM tonight, I still need to d/l last weeks VM, but otherwise it's all cool.

Anywho, have a nice day.
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