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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Run 4 Your Life

Recs List #7

Here is my Recs list #7.


***Note that any bolded and italisized fic is really, really good.***

Sam/Dean or Sam & Dean:

Ain't No Sin To Be Glad You're Alive by ignipes
Another Road Song by thete1
Backseat Driver by jonny_vrm
Bargains by marinarusalka
Before I Sleep by thisissirius
Beneath the Skin by estrella30
Cold by monkiedude
Comfort by monkiedude
Dirty Old Town by alazysod
Emo by boonies
Even in California by ignipes
False Comforts by maygra
---And the coda to False Comforts: Welcome to Memphis
Family Comes First by ethrosdemon
Flexible by darkhavens
Fundamentaly Altered by darkhavens
Gaurdians of a Rare Thing by esorlehcar
Ghosts and Demons by estrella30
Hard to Come By by sevenfists
How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me by ethrosdemon
In Jerusalem Next Year by peripheralsight
It Never Ends by vylit
King of All the Wild Things by ignipes
Landmarks by estrella30
Like This Because by moveablehistory
My Brother's Keeper by juxtaposefantsy
Rules of the Road by ignipes
St. Peter's Bones by peripheralsight
Stead by monkiedude
Storyteller by wheebubbles
Sudden Downpour by tabaqui
Telegraph Road by wheebubbles
The City of Angels (and Demons and Lawyers) by joyfulgirl41 (Angel the series crossover)
The Language is Foreign in this Country by ignipes
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by merepersiflage (Part 2)
The Haunt of the Quick and Dirty by estrella30
The World About to Come by esorlehcar
Think it Through by innie_darling
Tiny Kinks by darkhavens
Under the Weather by luzmaria8
---And the companion: Nightingale
Vocabulary by innie_darling
What I keep and What I carry by poisontaster
When the Sky Comes Down At Night
by ephemerall
Where You Land by sevenfists
Will the Circle be Unbroken by ezgal
Wouldn't Want to Live There by ignipes

Series Fic:

The Month of Open Doors series by eighth_horizon
1.) And Fools Shine On (Make sure to scroll all the way down and read all the chapters)
2.) If Belief was Enough
3.) Woven

The 1300 Days Series by stele3 (WIP)
1.) The First Day - Geometry Lessons
2.) The 253rd Day: The Winchester Echo
3a.) The 418th Day - Hell Hath No Fury
3b.) The 418th Day - Hell Hath No Fury
4.) The 572nd Day – Blood and Water

Morgantown by ignipes (chapters listed below author's notes)

Every Broken Thing by poisontaster & mona1347
1.) Blurry
2.) Take it All Away
3.) Imposters in this Country
4.) The Boys I Mean Are Not Refined
5.) Something About the Open Road
6.) Rearranging the Disalign
7.) Coda

John Fic:

Good Luck With That by brynwulf (John as Denny; Grey's Anatomy Crossover)
Nice Life for the Price by joyfulgirl41

Jared/Jensen RPS Fic:

By the Letter by winterlive
Sugar, We’re Going Down by lyra_wing

Specific Authors:

Any fic by janissa11 (for instance):
---On the Snap
---Brothers and Strangers
---Under a Haystack

Any fic by lea_ndra (for instance):
---To Wish Impossible Things
---The Little Death

Any fic by lyra_wing (for instance):
---Works in mysterious ways (Part 2)
---Not You but Him (Dean/Jared)
---The Rest is Still Unwritten (I LOVE this fic.)
---A Storm in the Silence
---Hustla, Baby
---Peaks and Valleys
---All You Wanted
---It's Got Bells On
---Tabula Rasa

Any fic by apocalypsos (for instance):
---Thirty-Two Flavours (Amazing.)
Man of War (Teeny tiny x-men crossover. SO good though.)
---Ain't Nothing a Little Fire and Brimstone Can't Solve
---Pack Up the Moon
---Rings of Smoke Through the Trees
---So Lonesome I Could Die
---The Wild One
---This Bloody Road (You must read this. Now.)
---You Let Me Complicate You

Firefly & BtVS/Ats:

11 Ways Simon Tam Comes Out by ana_grrl
It Was a Dark and Stormy Fight by missmurchison (Note: Make sure to read the continuing parts listed at the bottom of the fic.) (Ats/BtVS)

That's it for now, Thanks! :)


I think False Comforts (and all the codas that go with it) by maygra is probably the best SN fic I've ever read. It really blew me away. A lot of these I've never read nor seen before so thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed them [:
False Comforts is so unbeleivably awesome. :)

I'm glad you like the fic too. :D

Ooooh, thank you for this! :)
Everyone else has had more sex than me!
Sure! :D
Gotta say that I love your icon!!
Thanks so much! LOL.

Do you mean the Dean gryffindor or Sammy Ravenclaw ones? :P
Well, I meant the Dean one, but I now I'm seeing the Sammy one! I love them both!
Thanks so much! (They're totally snaggable btw) :)
Snagging both of them for later use! Thank you so much!! Will credit, of course. :)
Coolness, please credit my graphics journal, cherry_sin. Thanks! :D
Wow.... Thank you.

I am *not* italics worthy...
Oh but those were so good! Especially the Sam companion. :D
OH WOW. Look at all the links to click on! Oooh, oooh, you are my hero and I love you.

(As you may have noticed, my fic gets me really excited.)
Hee! I have more SPN recs in my memories, they're under Fic Recs. :)

Glad you like the recs! :D Thanks!
(Here from spnnewsletter)

Great reclist. I'll put it in my memories. And thanks for linking to my fic. :)
Coolness, glad you like the recs.

Your fic was wonderful. :D
Wow! I'm glad you were able to read so many and enjoy them! :D

Thanks! :D

P.S. I'll be making some more recs soon. :D