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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Ficish things

Okay so I had a thought.

What if there was a (fan)fic archive/site/community that profiled authors and rated them and had an extremely detailed portfolio of their writing. Well not really a portfolio, but a type of profile that told what the writer was strong at or what they were mediocre at, how well they characterize fandom characters. A completely honest, no holds barred archive that rated fic writers (with their permission/at their request), then everything was compiled, that way you knew what to read and wouldn't have to spend hours searching for fic.

There could be ratings on how well they work with plot, how detailed and surprising, or how predictable. Maybe there would be reviews from a panel of readers who really knew what was good writing, there could be a section for reader feedback and/or comments.

Like just a huge place to go and find good fic based on different factors. Like oposed to some places, it wouldn't just be mediocre fic, maybe only certain authors/stories can post their work or have their work profiled. Like there would be a screening process and once the authors fic went through the screening process, then the fic would recieve a detailed profile and the story would be rated and discussed. That way whenever you read stories from the archive/site/community there would be no question as to whether or not they would be good. Plus, you would have a way to find exactly what you want.

So if you wanted a fic written by an author ranked at least 8 out of 10 and you want the fic to be over 5 chapters, over 10,000 words that was slash and featured Xander and Spike and you wanted a monster of the week, lots of smut, not very much buffy, and it had to have first person point of view, you could search on those or somehow find the story you were looking for based on that.

Just a really good really detailed semi-exclusive place to find fic. Not exclusive to read from, but exclusive to post to.

What do you think?


I think that is an absolutely fantastic idea. I'd definately submit some fic for it anyway. It'd be great for authors and really useful to readers too.

A completely honest, no holds barred archive that rated fic writers (with their permission/at their request), then everything was compiled, that way you knew what to read and wouldn't have to spend hours searching for fic.

That's something I think all fandoms need, because there's just so MUCH fic to sift through for all sorts of different tastes.
I love this idea too, I just wouldn't even know where to start.

I mean if it was multi-fandomed you'd need at least three fic screeners/reviewers for one fandom alone.

I wonder how I could do something like this... *wanders off to think about it*
I'd love to put my name up for that, and I would definitely read from such a site. My fear is that YOU as the maintainer would get flames to end all flames for the ratings. I mean, I already know that I would get rated low for humor because I struggle to write anything funny, but some people like to think they are perfect writers and don't need any improvement, despite the fact that their kink completely turns me off because it's physically impossible and would end with Xander in the hospital possibly with permament damage.
Haha. :)

I love this idea, the only problem is I don't even know where to start. I wouldn't want it to be just a single-maintainer site or archive or something, especially if it was multi-fandomed. There would need to be at least 3 trusted people for each fandom, just to screen the fics. That way their would be a more three demensional and fair approach to the whole thing.

Flamers can go fuck themselves, debasing yourself by acting like a 12 year old on the internet for the first time is just stupid.

*sigh* I love this idea and I even have ideas for author profiles and the look of the site, I just have no idea to make these thoughts go further.
why not talk to someone like Trixx who maintains a web site about how to set it up (monthly costs and getting layout help). Once you know that, you could probably see who would be interested. Shakatany has read damn near everything in Buffy and is very picky about what she calls "good" so she might be able to work that fandom. Through the Rerun awards I could get some people from other fandoms for you. The big thing would be getting a paypal account set up and seeing if enough people would donate to keep the site up and going. I'd help out with initial set up costs if you would play major domo of the organization.
Here's what I'm thinking. I kind of have no, and I mean no, money. So I was trying to think about how to start it as a community. I've sort of figured it out, in the fact that everything could be archived and linked from the memories.

This could work for a while until there is a way to get cash for the site.

I'm not sure how the fic search thing would work, but what could happen to start out with(sort of) is that you click on what fandom you want in the memories and then maybe you click 'Slash' then you're sent to a previous journal entry that has more links, and you click a link to what character or genre you want and you just keep following the links along until you find the story or stories that interest you.

This would be very hard to start out with, but it would be a start.

I really love this idea, but it would be so much work, which I'm up for, but I just don't think I could do it alone, and I'm not even sure if I could do it without a website. I mean the author/story profiles and ratings wouldn't be too hard, but the search feature would be like super hard maybe.

Or maybe, it could just start out as a critiqueing/rating comm with exclusively high standards and then it just expands from there, growing into an archive.

Oh I'm so excited about this.
Oh yeah, that would work!
Coolness. :D
It really would be hard to do the searching part without something like efiction to set up search categories. You would have to create some sort of labeling system, and I just don't know how that would look. I'm not really proficient with these things (my own webpage doesn't even use efiction which I've never figured out), so I don't know how much help I would be.
Have you seen oggham.com?


Sort of like that(and the rest of the site) but with grade A fics and hugely in depth profiles.
That's verrrrrry interesting. ::thinks:: I mean, it would be almost guaranteed to cause anger and hurt feelings, just by the nature of fandom. And I have personal issues with the idea of breaking down the evaluation of fiction by numbers (movie/book reviews on the "x stars out of five" scale make me flaily as well; again, though, this is just me). And of course there's the problem of subjectivity: "there would be no question as to whether or not they would be good," you say, but not everyone has the same definition of "good." If a reader DISLIKED a story linked there and argued that it should be removed, how would you deal with that?

But I can see how it would be useful, too, because the idea of one-stop shopping for fic, and the idea of a profile for an author's writing patterns, is kind of cool.

Unfortunately, I too have no web skillz and thus cannot give advice on how to go about it.

I think that the disliking of fic would be minimized in the fact that the story would have to be approved by more than just one person before it is posted.

Also, if someone disliked the fic, it would have to be more of a personal thing. How many people dislike a fic based on grammar? How many on the plot? The point of the archive would to let you be able to search for what *you* want and in turn get at least grade A written material. (the mechanics being grade A that is.)

You couldn't garuntee people that they'll like everything on the site, but it would be better than just searching randomly or having to wade through the Mary Sues.

The rating thing is a nessecity to me. I mean I hate to say it, but how do you judge/rate/determin what is a good fic so that everyone can understand it universally.

But maybe you're right, maybe rating users or stories isn't a great idea. Maybe you just search on authors that write Buffy really well and their fics contain a minimal amount of Riley. Ratings create structure and in the world of fanfic it's hard to create a structure when everything is so personally based.

I mean if I like a fluffiness to my characters and someone else likes broodiness, how do you say it's a good fic then? Nothing is ever certain, but pretty much everyone(mature and in the fanfic world) knows that. There's never any garuntee you're going to like what someone else recs you, but this at least would let you find what you want without having to wade through the poorly mechanized and un-beta'ed crap.

Thanks for the input though, I really like thinking about this fully. :)

Ah, yes, guarantees of mechanics and readability would be VERY nice. :)
See, yes, I'm sick of having to read dialog and events and exposition all wrapped up in the same paragraph.

Gah, I meab BETAS!

And see, it's not really about garunteeing you LOVE it, just garunteeing it won't suck ass because you want one thing and get another.

The whole point would be to have objectivity. If you write a story about Xander getting vamped and it's slash with Angel, don't mislead people into thinking it's a completely original AU involving Xander and a mysterious dark man.

The whole point would be to have a group of people who know fic to give the cold hard truth about the story.
LOL meab betas! *mean.

That's too funny that it's that sentence...
I think this is a really interesting idea, Ems, but I think you might see some resistance to it from certain corners of fandom. First off, some authors aren't going to agree to have their work archived in such a way. I remember some time back one of my flist getting an invitation to participate in this exclusive fic-posting comm and turning it down because one of the things she enjoys most about fandom is its egalitarian nature. A lot of the commenters seemed to agree with her.

I think this kind of archive might also open itself up to a good bit of wank. People are going to disagree about what's good and what's not and someone's gonna get pissed that their fic doesn't get included.

However, I agree with you that an archive that has a lot of different search parameters would be really cool. It would really help for those people who are very specific about what they want to read.

the only aspect I'm hesitant about is the rating aspect. I think that requiring fics to have correct grammar and punctuation before they can be posted to the archive would be easier to accomplish than having them achieve a certain rating.

I'm so glad to see you interested in this kind of project. I think you could do something really valuable.
Yeah, I think I may hold off on this, it would be tons of work and I can see the flames.

Also, just for clarifacation, the authors would be profiled at their request.

Meh... It'll give me something to think about. :)

Thanks hun. :D
It would be a lot of work, but a lot of people would appreciate the effort. Whatever you decide to do, I'll support you anyway I can. :)