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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Dean Gryffindor

New Layout and icons

Woot, check out the new layout. :) Note, wait until the header and background are done loading, but keep watching the header.


I designed a lot of this layout around my default icon(the one I'm using.)

Here is the matching Sam version of the icon:

Anyway, tell me what you think. :)

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Holy Crappers love, that header is gorgeous! I love how it changed colors! But I'm firm in my belief, Dean is part Slytherin, part Griffindor. He's my favourite Slythindor:D
Hmm I have to disagree with you totally.

Dean is about 52% Gryffindor, 37% Hufflepuff, 7% Slytherin, and 4% Ravenclaw. To me anyway. I say this because Dean is so freaking loyal to Sam and his father. Dean would do ANYTHING for either one of them. I mean yeah, Dean is a tiny bit slytherin in the fact that he's cunning, and he runs credit card scams and hustles pool, but he doesn't even really do those for himself. He does those so that he can do his job and be loyal to his father. Plus he's more laid-back and relaxed than any slytherins I know. He's not constantly plotting for himself, but once in a while he does let loose and do what he wants.(The Ravenclaw part is obviously because of his skills, like building the EMF meter.)

I dunno, it just seems to me that all things according to Dean are about the mission and protecting his family/Sammy, then maybe, when all things are settled and he can relax, he worries about himself.

That's just my view of him. I think actually, had he been raised normally, he'd be more of a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin, but because he was raised like such a soldier/protector, he had to quickly grow into the bravery role.
Hmm.... Yeah, you're right. I'm just going to rest my case, cause I'm not winning this one, I can feel it.

BUT I think Sammy is a bit more Slytherin than he is Gryffindor. Yes, he is brave and all that but I think he would leave in a second if he could. Sam left for Stanford for himself, and he went on the hunt again for himself. So I think he's a bit more Slytherin than Gryff. But I'm a Slytherin @ heart myself;)
I will agree a little on the slytherin fact. I could definitly see him as being an equal amount of Gryffindor and Slytherin, but he's definitly got a lot of Gryffindor there. I mean he had the balls to stand up to his hard-ass father and say 'I want something different' so there's definitly backbone there.

Oh I'm such a slytherin. LOL Slytherin Love. :)
Ohhh...it's awesome!!!!
Thanks! :D
Holy crap! That's so cool! :D Love the icons, too. Sammy is totally a Ravenclaw and Dean's definitely a Gryffindor. *snigger*
Thanks hun! Yeah, I could totally see this:

Dean: 52% Gryffindor, 37% Hufflepuff, 7% Slytherin, and 4% Ravenclaw.

Sam: 49% Ravenclaw, 28% Gryffindor, 21% Slytherin, and 2% Hufflepuff.

LMAO!You've got it all figured out, eh? *G*
Hee! Totally. :D
Whoa, that header is amazing. I love how it changes colors. Actually I love the whole layout. It's really awesome. Especially those icons. And I don't even like Harry Potter or Supernatural. (Those guys are from Supernatural, right? :B)
Hee. Thanks babe! :)