Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

House & Veronica Mars

House was good, I really picked up on the House/Chase, House/Wilson vibes. It was so weird because one of Wilson's last lines, 'You got lucky.' Made me pause and squee. I could totally see a fic where that is literal and House and Chase hooked up. That would be hot.

House gets a 7 1/4 out of 10.

Veronica Mars was good mostly. The beginning sort of sucked. It had that schitzophenic feel that the season premiere had, you know where they were just telling us so much information instead of showing us. And the whole thing with the couselor lady, that would NEVER happen, Veronica wouldn't just like open up to her like that.

I loved the Logan Wallace aspect of this ep, it rocks and I would be really interested to see some Logan/Wallace slash.

I can't wait for Logan and Ronni to vook up again, they're so cute together and the car scene DUDE HOTNESS! I mean seriously, it was just like majorly sexy.

Yay for Veronica getting into Stanford. I had a little giddy moment where I really wanted to read some Veronica Mars/Sam Winchester fic. It made me feel a little hot and anxious. Gah they would be aces together. Anywho...

Did anyone else have a freak moment when Veronica showed Dick the 'I know who you did last summer' thing that they thought it would be the janitor? I was totally thinking that. I also had a weird moment where I thought Dick hooked up with the gay kid on the bus, I mean I could totally see a fic where he and Dick hooked up secretly and Dick was to weirded out/afraid to be with him so the kid tries in vain to be with him and Dick gets pissed and the kid gives him the sharks tickets and then Dick gets mad at the kid and gives 'em to his one time chick hook-up, then he could have some secret angst about the kid getting killed. Maybe it's just me with my little obsession that I think Dick is gay. I mean who is THAT over the top? He totally needs to be gay. I could also see that Logan and maybe Cassidy are the only ones that know.

I'm still not really getting the bus crash, I'm still too stupid a little sketchy on everything and I can't really understand. Was the whole dream thing just a way for Veronica to not want to blame herself? And the phone call? Was that just her waiting for death to call?

And the insurance thing. Was that Dick senior taking out insurance so that his kids would die and he'd be rich, or because Kendall wanted him to because of Aaron and getting rich, or because Aaron and Dick senior were some-what friends back in the day and Aaron like warned him or something?

I just wish someone laid out the facts of everything that we know so that I could just read it and understand everything. With each new episode I feel more and more like I'm just along for the ride of the show, not like last season where I was theorizing and hypothisizing.

Gah, maybe I just need to rewatch the eps. *sigh*

VM gets a 7 out of 10.

And I still think Dick is gay. :P

Thanks! :)
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