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I have no idea what this is, but it just came out of me. I started listening to some music and this little scene came out of me, I could *smell* the air and see the sights. It was really weird...

The air smelled like wood smoke. The heady grit and perfume dusted the breeze. Occasionally the hint of rain would drift in, giving the dark gray clouds hanging overhead an even more ominous feel. The sun was setting along the horizon and the gray clouds to the east seemed to dot and disconnect, fading away into the pink and orange edge of the western sky. The light was growing dimmer and the smell of the coming storm brushed at the edges of the world, chasing the sunset away. The green-grey-blue hills that rose gently on either side of the narrow dirt road lended a feeling of eerie calm and kept the terrain from feeling completely alien.

The light blue pick-up kicked up a gentle dust in its wake as it rocked and bumped gently along the road. The windows were rolled down, leaving the wood smoke and storm smell to permeate the interior and bounce off the smell of the leather upholstery. The headlights kicked on as the treeless hills shed their grey-green coat in favor of a darker one. The truck rumbled along slowly as the two passengers looked toward the horizon.

A girl, mousy stray hair and bright pink lips, squinted into the sunset and smiled slightly. Home was never as lonely as when you were away, and it never felt as good as when you actually arrived.

The man next to her sniffed in the perfumed air and stared wordlessly ahead, thoughts drifting through his eyes as he only half paid attention to the road. No cars would pass them and no cars would come up behind them.

The rickety old pick-up slowed before the last minutes of sunset and followed the dusty road around a curved bend and up to a rickety old farm house. The gray of the coming darkness blanketed the world and left everything muffled and soft, the last hint of orange on the horizon, the only light to guide them home.

End I guess.

Weirdest thing ever...

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