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Sorry for so many posts today...

Most incredible interview ever
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Do me! Do Me NOW!", okay you can say "Interview me" if you want.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

jjjean65 was my interviewer. :)

1. What era would you prefer to be in (if any)? - The future I guess, I probably couldn't survive being in any time less evolved than my own.

2. Do you want to travel into space? Sci-fi space not NASA. - Not unless it's like commercially. Like if people are living on Mars or the moon or something. Outer space gives me a very claustrophobic feeling because there is no end.

3. Which famous person would you like to meet most? - Well I would probably be too embarrassed to meed David Boreanaz, but I don't really know. I think I might be too shy to talk to the famous boys, but if I weren't too shy and I couldn't meet DB I would probably say Jensen Ackles or Gale Harold. OH! Or Randy Harrison. I could totally get on with Randy...

4. Why do you like slash fiction? - I like the fact that boys aren't acting like "men". I like that there is an intimacy in slash fiction that you don't normally see in RL. I like the prospect of seeing the male characters I love being put into situations in which you usually only see het couples.

Another reason is the writing. I got into slash fiction for three reasons. Two boys = major hotness, the writing, and the fact that slash/gay sex is so uncommon and slightly kinky. I've read hundreds of het fics, and even when you can come across a really good one, chances are the writer will feminize the girl during at least one point in the story. What I mean, is that, say for instance a het couple is fighting; even though the girl says more hurtful things and is the one to actually do more damage, they always make it seem like she is the one who needs to be cuddled and coddled and she has the right to cry more so than the man, who probably has just as many hurt feelings. Now I'm not saying I want to see all guys breakdown into hysterics, but I would like at least a little recognition that the guy is hurting too or maybe more so, and no coddling of the girl, girls don't all want to be treated like porceline or china dolls or some lifetime movie.

Slash fic is overall, written better. I started out on het/gen boyband fic and 90% of it was written by girls under the age of 17. So when I discovered slash fic the quality just kept improving. Nowadays, I like to think I'm somewhat of an expert at weeding out crap from half-way decent fic. I can usually tell by the first paragraph, if not the first sentence whether the fic will be at all decent.

Back to before, the uncommon gay/kinky factor isn't really an issue much anymore, but it's still there. Basically, when I was about 14 and I discovered slash, I had been fed 13 years of het. Nothing but het, so when these two guys came along and started kissing and making out (I was 99% sure I was mostly straight by then) I was really turned on. Not just for the smut, but because of the uncommon situation. It's like seeing sex in a movie for the first time, it's hot, not nessecarily because it's good, but because you've never seen it before. Nowadays, I can watch Queer as folk, or check out gay porn if I wanted, so it's not really like this anymore, but there's still a slight region in my brain that LOVES slash for this reason.

So I like slash for a few reasons, because of the uncommon/kiny factor, the two boys, the writing, and the vulnerability of the characters. When writers write slash, they give the boys depth and make them vulnerable when need be.(the good ones anyway!) It's not always just this really caring yet "man's-man" guy who never angsts about the mary sue because he loves her some much and then he's cheating on her the next moment, the writers really make the characters well rounded.

5. AND the mandatory question: Boxers, briefs, thong or commando! - Boxer briefs or boxers. Briefs/tighty-whiteys/y-fronts are the most unsexy article of clothing I have ever seen. They turn me off faster than something really gross which I can't think of-LOL

Anywho, Thanks! :D
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