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Someday you'll need to stand tall again


So I really liked this episode. I had several mini-squee moments for Dean's character.

I thought the overall plot was okay, but some of the kids acting could have been better. I know how that goes though, so you can't really do much about it I guess.

So everyone have the consensus that Daddy Winchester is self-absorbed? Leaving 9 year old dean and 5 year old Sammy. I mean gah, if that's not reckless I don't know what is. 10 bucks says Dean got super overprotective of Sam after that. Someone should write gen kidfic about Dean and Sam as brothers and Dean being so overprotective. It could even be turned into slash if it was carried out into the boys teens.

The flashbacks were good, and I actually 'Awww!'ed out loud when Sam offered Dean the prize from the Lucky Charms. The kid who played Dean was so cute, I even noticed his little Dean!Freckles. :) And mini!Sam's dimples! :)

I really love Dean's look when he discovered that it was Dr. Hydecker. Jensen really did a fabulous job portraying Dean's disgust and rage, while still maintaining Dean's composure.

Did anyone else expect Dean to say at some point, "It's personal." In reference to like a personal vendetta against the Shtriga?

Also, I had this weird thought, that what if Sam's powers weren't very strong because the Shtriga was still feeding on him, and like maybe his powers are like enhanced or they grow really strong because the Shrtiga isn't absorbing that part of him anymore. Just a thought...

Also, for some reason I kept thinking that Dean would get hurt at the end of the ep, and Sam would be the one to save him, and it could be totally revealing and show that Dean doesn't HAVE to be the strong one. However, I understand why they did the ep like this and I think it actually probably is better like this.

Overall I really loved this ep, and the last lines were just brilliantly perfect. I love SO MUCH how Dean would do anything for his brother and how protective and save-y he can be. The Dean vulnerability in this episode was fantastic, and the character exposition was really great. I SO can't wait for more. :)

Overall this ep gets an 8 3/4 to 9 out of 10. :)

Thanks! :D
Tags: show review, supernatural, tv

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