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SPN, Home, Icon, & Meme

OMG ONLY 11 MINUTES LEFT! *waits for SPN 'Something Wicked' to finish downloading*

Also, I woke up like 20 minutes ago and I was REALLY hot in bed, so I went to turn off my electric blanket, only to discover that it WASN'T ON. So now, almost every window in the house is open. It's like 78 degrees outside! And WIND! Oh so glorious.

I also have a headache, I think I woke up to soon or something.

I'm glad you all think of me when you see this icon. :D It's my favorite. Do you guys get that it's Angelus in jail? Does that come across? I never thought about it until I realized that all I see is the whole picture, where there are several bars, on this one you can only see the one... So, you get that it's Angelus in jail right?

Snagged from wendy

-Something important on your desk: COMPUTER! Also, wireless Keyboard.
-When you sleep you wear: T-shirt & pj pants or just a t-shirt and undies.
-Something you don't have a lot of: Stealing Wendy's answer: Patience.
-If your house was burning and you could only save 3 items what would they be: Computer, family, DVD box sets(those mofos are expensive.)
-If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: I have no clue.
-One person you have killed in your thoughts: This bitch from my middle school.

-Three traits you look for in a friend: Niceness, outgoingness, geekiness.
-Who makes you laugh most often: Tyler
-A friend who you can tell anything: Tyler
-A friend you can got to for advice: My mom
-The best piece of advice you had been given: I have no clue.
-Two closest friends: Tyler and my Mom.

-Your three best qualities: My creativity, my competitiveness, my stubornness love of all things fandom.
-Your three worst qualities: Laziness, bitchiness, bossy-ness.
-You are embarrassed when: I say or do something stupid.
-The greatest physical pain you ever endured: Bladder infection, or maybe a broken bone, but I don't remember the broken arm.
-The greatest emotional pain you ever endured: Suicidal thoughts.
-Moment you are most ashamed of: This one horrible time in shop class, or sending love letters to one of my teachers. Both happened in 7th grade.
-Who/What makes you happy: Fandom, my mom, & slash fic.

-Emotion you hide most: Depression/sadness
-The emotion you are feeling most lately: Depression/hopelessness.
-You have a huge amount of guilt regarding: My laziness/depression.
-When you are angry you need: To scream and usually break something.
-When you are in love you need: To keep it a secret.

-One of your most peaceful memories: Waking up at my grandma's and sitting on her back porch in the morning, watching the school kinds play on the playground about a quarter of a mile away. With the wind sweeping through the yard and the porch and the shade being cold and the windchimes chiming.
-One of your angriest memories: The ones in which I throw things, and the one when I was like 7 where I hit my best friend accross the face with a hose. (I basically whipped her in the face)
-A memory that makes you laugh: I dunno, maybe yearbook, or all the stupid/fun things I used to do with my two childhood best friends(Dana & Chris).
-A memory that makes you happy: Sitting in the backyard in Dana & Chris's tent and talking about who know's what and goofing off.
-Something someone can say or do that you find extremely attractive: Act tough but really be normal and/or hurting. Also, flirting with me.
-Something someone can say or do that you find unattractive: Gross things, farting for instance, also, meanness.
-A personality trait you find appealing: Humor and quirkiness.
-What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship: Not sure.

-A place where you want to have sex: Stealing Wendy's answer: Anywhere.
-A strange place where you have had sex: The shower.
-Favorite song to have sex to: No clue
-What would you like your mate to do more of: Flirt maybe, I have no idea.

-If you had more time alone you would: Write, watch tv, I dunno, I have too much time as it is.
-If you had more patience you would: Exercise & eat right.
-If you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be: Lose weight.
-If you had no commitments what would you be doing: I don't have any commitments, not really.
-If you could have one super power what would it be: The ability to change my appearance and/or telekenisis.

Thanks all! :D
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