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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Hot Boy Pics

Really REALLY REALLY REALLY hot guy under the cut.

I give you teh hotness of Jared Padalecki.

The two screencaps are from craftymonkie.com

The icons (credit cherry_sin if you snatch 'em. :) ):

Thanks! :)


I so snagged the second one!
Coolness. :D
he's uhh, well wet and HOT! ;-)
Hee! I can't get over how sexy his arms are. On the show Supernatural he plays the reluctant semi-dorky hero, who wears a lot of baggy college boy clothes, you never get to see his extreme hotness. :D

Can I re-post tjose pictures for a Hot Boy post?

*snagged teh GUH icon. Hotness!
Nah, feel free babe. :D
*squeak* whitaltahweha *dies*
LOL I know, the hotness is just so... *dreamy sigh* hot.
Mmm-hmm. And the grease and dirt in the first three (?) pictures only enhance the hotness. Plus, OMG VEINS! *has a thing for veins* (don't ask)
Lol. I dunno, for me it's the arms and the abs and just guh. I think he has my ideal type of body. Like to be attracted to, he's just so freaking hot.

*runs off to take a cold shower* :D
aww, what a pity...well these pics make up for all of you loss on the show ;-)
Um... huh?
Found icons! Took "guh" :)
Coolness, glad you like it. :D
I mean that you can see now what you missed on the show...his gorgeous body....covered in only a towel!
Now, if we could onle remove the towel...

whahaha YES, and I love your icon ;-)