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Okay, that place I wanted to go to school? Screw it, I want to go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh!

I'm so excited I don't know whether to squee or cry. So I was dealing with a guy about going to the Art Institute Online, which is a branch of the AIoP, but after taking a look at the fields of study at AIoP I decided that that is where I want to go.

I'm so nervous and excited. I've talked to a rep from AIoP and mom and I are going for an open house on April 22nd.

I really really really want this. I want to go to school and be a scriptwriter or a director. I never ever thought that in a million years I could achieve something like this, that I actually had a shot at doing what I really really want.

Pray for me guys, I want this so bad.

Also, I had to write a 150 word essay, if you want to read it, it's behind the cut. :)

"For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by television and movies. Ever since I was little I’ve been captivated by the storylines and the emotions evoked from such powerful images. I can remember watching movies over and over as a kid because of how much I enjoyed getting lost in the story. I would like to enroll in the Video Production program because I have a passion for cinematography and I love creating a story world that I can get lost in. I’ve loved movies and television all of my life and I want to carry that excitement and that passion over into my career. I believe that the Art Institute of Pittsburgh would give me a good basis and a strong background in the world of film and I could use the knowledge I acquire there to further my career and help me achieve my goal of writing and directing."

Thanks so much guys!

[EDIT: Ok, so I sent in my application and talked with my rep and I'm having a phone conference with her and mom on Tuesday. I also have an ortho appt Monday(they'll yell at me for sure, I missed an appt.) So I'm really really busy. Nervous and excited and busy. :) God I really really really want to get in. ]
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