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College & Music

So ok, good news and bad news.

Good news: I'm pretty sure I know where I wanna go to school, The University of Pittsburgh.

Bad news: I'm 99.9% sure I wouldn't get in, according to their admission requirements.


My current playlist is available for download here.

.zip file includes:
Michelle Branch - Goodbye to you
The All American Rejects - Move Along
The All American Rejects - Change Your Mind
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day
Anna Nalick - Breathe (2 AM)
Anna Nalick - Catalyst
Fisher - I Will Love You
Incubus - Drive
Ginny Owens - If You Want Me To
Yellowcard - Gifts and Curses
Sarah McLachlan - Angel
K's Choice - Virgin State of Mind
Alison Krauss - It Doesn't Matter
Coldplay - Clocks
Enya - May It Be
Rufus Wainwright - The Maker Makes
Rickie Lee Jones - On Saturday Afternoon in 1963
The Notwist - Pick Up the Phone

Thanks! :)
Tags: college, future, general, music

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