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So I squeed.

The whole opening scene was AWESOME. I could just see a fic where Wilson and House get together, but Wilson usually never stays over, so House is unnacustomed to Wilson's habits.

Did anyone else pick up on that weird little pause right before Wilson said that he would be gone by tomorrow? Like he was getting ready to admit something? Or something weird like that.

It was so slashy.

The sharing food thing and House praising the pancakes and comparing them to VIRGINS! Ugh! Awesome! All of it.

Ohh! Is it kind of a metaphore that House kept his closet messy and then one day when Wilson is there it's all tidy and clean? Hmmm what kind of closet metaphors can we think of? *smirk*

The medical stuff for this ep was a teensy bit hard to follow, but it was okay. The storyline didn't suck, but I guess I just didn't have my medical jargon hat on or something. :)

And OMG LOVE for House deleting the messages! *Debases down into a total fangirl* Hee!

Anywho, I loved this episode and teh slashiness. It all just rocks.

I swear I think Wilson is gay. He HAS to be! I hope anyway. :)

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