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Art school & the future

So I'm thinking about going to art school. I've been drawing more lately and today I pretty much broke down my own barriers and drew what I consider to be one of if not the best thing I've ever drawn.

I've sort of been putting together a portfolio also. I've got my ceramic artwork from highschool. A vase set(three vases) and a bowl set (three bowls) and another cylynder dish thing. I've got a few drawings and my digital artwork, plus my yearbook layouts, and I can add in a few pages from the house album I made for my mom. As a whole it's very well rounded(I think), but I still need a few more things. Right now I've got about 11-13 pieces. I would probably go to/apply to CCAD(Columbus College of Art and Design). It's just down the street and I went there when I was a kid/pre-teen for Saturday morning art classes.

That was actually really neat, every summer(for about 4 years) I would apply to CCAD for a scholarship for Saturday morning art classes. I got a little bit of money each year, though I don't think I ever got a full scholarship, but anyway, I went for about 3-4 years. I hated having to get up on Saturday mornings, but I did. Each winter for about 2 months I went every saturday. We usually worked on 3-4 projects for the term. We made all sorts of things, paintings and drawings, one year we even made pillow sculptures. :) It was neat.

I'm not really sure why I want to go to art school, I'm thinking that I'd really like to go into television and cinematography, and CCAD doesn't really offer it. I'm not sure how I would go about getting into TV. I'd really like to write and direct. I love tv so much, but besides school, I'm not sure how I could ever be successfull outside of L.A.

I don't think I could survive in California. Everything is so... weird. Ah well, It's something to think about.

Like I really want to create this TV show I have in my head. It's kind of like Dawson's Creek meets 90210 meets Friends meets The O.C. meets I dunno what elese, but I would love to create it and not have it blow like three out of those 4 shows do.

Eh, well just wish me luck and I just hope it all works out. I just really need to make a decision about my life soon. Guh.

I have so much to get done in the next year. Figure out my life, get a job, and then start my life. I just hope it all works out. :)
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