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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco


A poem I wrote.

"I am the Girl"
by me.

I am the girl who screams. Who yells when she's mad and has PMS much to often.

I am the girl that dances. Who twirls in her living room and jives in her kitchen.

I am the girl who sleeps in. Who hates her alarm and think Monday's are evil.

I am the girl that drinks coffee. Who orders the venti when she should get the tall.

I am the girl who wishes. Who dreams of the improbable and hopes for the impossible.

I am the girl that vacations. Who burns in the sun and buys cheap souvenirs.

I am the girl that loves pants. Who hates shaving her legs and despises short shorts.

I am the girl that hates bugs. Who cowers in fear and screams like a girl.

I am the girl who shops. Who buys too many clothes and not enough shoes.

I am the girl that reads. Who reads cover to cover in under 8 hours.

I am the girl that is creative. Who starts tons of new projects and never finishes a thing.

I am the girl that is shamed. Who dwells on the small and relives the past.

I am the girl that is proud. Who accomplishes goals and is honest with herself.

I am the girl that calls her self a girl. Who should be a woman but still feels so small.

I am the girl that will conquer the world. Who will surpass her own hopes and dissuade all her fears.

I am the girl. The sister. The friend. I am the mother and the aunt and the cousin and the lover.

I am the girl.


Thanks! :)


This poem is beautiful, emella. You're very talented.
The poems always feel so true when they are about us.
Many things you said are just like me, maybe somehow we all feel nearly the same.
Thank you for posting it. Do you often write poems ?
I used to do so, but it's a long time now since I last did. It depends on the period, I guess.
Thanks! :)

I'm glad you like the poem, it's really more about girls in general than specifically me, although all of the sayings are true about me.

I don't write poetry at all really, but I just felt the need. :)