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So I watched more QAF. Showered, did make up and went out shopping with mom and grandma. We went into Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, & Pottery Barn. It was like the Pier 1 imitation store day. It was nice though. Looking at things I can't have. *immediately thinks of the infamous Anya quote from the Buffy ep 'The Replacement'*

We also had dinner at Red Robin. They took my entree off the menue!! I hate when people do that. They had the best sandwich, a Chicken Parmigeano burger. (Yes I suck at spelling and am too lazy to spell check.) I always get/got the Chicken Parm burger with a cup of Clam chowder. Which is FABULOUS btw. I love their clam chowder, it's like the best ever.

Right before we went to eat though we stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond. I was feeling blecky so I stayed in the car. And lately I've been imagining television series characters. Like I've invented a tv series I want to write, and I've been developing the characters in my mind lately. So while mom and grandma were in BB&B I was thinking about my characters and imagining them standing in the parking lot. I was really just trying to visualize them. :)

I'm in love with 2 of my 7 characters, though I love them all, I love Serasota & Adrian the most. Sera is like Buffy meets Veronica Mars meets Phoebe from Friends. In other words she's quirky and quippy and can take on the world. Adrian is like Cassidy Casablancas meets Justin Taylor plus George from Grey's Anatomy plus Ben Bruckner from QAF with a hint of Andrew from Buffy. He's sort of quiet and shy, a tad dorky and scholaraly; he's also gay. My other five characters are just as great, but if I had to pick favorites I think it would be those two.

I guess that's it for now. Later.
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