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So I rock

Yep, I rock. I made sugar-free possibly low-carb Banana Pudding that tastes like the regular stuff.

You'll need:

1 Box sugar free Banana pudding.
2 cups milk
1 cup cream
2/3 cup splenda
vanilla extract
Sugar free sugar cookie dough
1 Banana

First, take some of the sugar cookie dough and roll it or lay it out in a pie pan, to make the base of the pan. (Make sure the dough is cookie-baking thickness) Cook the cookie base as directed.

Once the cookie is out of the oven and cooled(or really close to being cooled), make up the banana pudding as directed. Pour the banana pudding(still liduidy) over the cookie base.

Put the mixture into the fridge.

Now here's how to make the whipped topping:

Pour cream into mixer/mixing bowl.
Add sugar and 2-3 drops of vanilla.
Then Mix: start the mixer on low and slowly move to the highest setting. Eventually your cream will thicken and turn into whipped cream.

Note that you may need to add more splenda and vanilla, you just really need to play with the whipped cream recipe and make sure it tastes like whipped cream...

Next take out the pudding mixture and cut up the banana and lay slices sporadically over top of the pudding.

Then Gently spread the whipped cream over top of the whole thing and let it all sit in the fridge overnight if possible, but if you must have some try to wait at least 3-4 hours. :)


Thanks! :D
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