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Beginnings 1/1

A challenge fic for thestacks, Dani inspired me. :D

Title: Beginnings
Author: Emella
Category: Prompt
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Mini Challenge written for the Stacks.
Warnings: None.

User: DollyDani
Challenge: Use the word 'Beginnings' or 'beginning'.


The first time Xander met his grandmother he was 6. She smelled like mints and rum. He never thought it was odd that he knew what rum smelt like. He found out later, that to a six-year-old, it was.

His father had kicked them out of the house for a week, so Jessica and Xander Harris headed up north to stay with Grandma Laura. He still didn’t know if he could call the beginnings of that relationship an actual relationship.

When he was 4 ½ he met Willow. She was the nicest girl in the entire class. A snobby girl named Cordelia had snubbed her during morning recess, making her sad. Later, when she broke the yellow crayon during art time, she cried.

During afternoon recess Xander gave her the chocolate chip cookie he was saving from lunch and she proceeded to split it into two so they could share it. That was the beginning of, if he could quote the movies, a beautiful friendship.

He never really met Spike. Offered as his dinner, somewhat tortured in front of him: sure! Met? No. Somehow Spike found out who he was and he then became ‘The Slayer’s Lapdog.’

They never really had a beginning to their relationship, it just sort of came together, colliding and molding, and fitting just right.

Xander couldn’t really remember when a pat on the back became a caress up Spike’s arm or soothing circles rubbed at the small of his back. He couldn’t set a date to when Spike became more than just Spike and became Spike.

They never really got along, but then again they did. They picked on each other and bantered all the time, but for some reason the insults and play fights didn’t matter. When one of them needed reassurances or a shoulder to pretend-not-to but-sort-of-really-cry-on, the other was there. They just worked

They didn’t have an anniversary or song or any special things that normal couples had. They had ‘first time they had sex during patrol’ and ‘the first time Xander had to cover up hickeys since Cordelia’.

Their relationship never really had a beginning, it wasn’t normal, but then again, they weren’t normal. They didn’t go out for dinner and a movie. They went out researching and demon fighting. They didn’t spend quiet evenings at home in front of a fire; they were lucky if they collapsed in front of the TV after a night of slaying.

Xander didn’t mind not being able to walk with Spike to the park in the afternoon. He didn’t mind not getting married or having kids. He didn’t even care that instead of diet soda and yogurt, his fridge was filled with imported beer and pigs blood.

Xander didn’t mind that they didn’t have a beginning, because he knew that they would never have an ending.




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