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Veronica Mars

Okay, so YAY!!!! For the whole 'You never know where true love will find you' and then Logan walking in.

Also, is anyone else completely confused. I seriously have no idea what's going on with the plot. I think I may have to re-watch all of the episodes...

Gah. So I really dislike Hannah, and I hope Logan is going to Veronica for advice on what to do about her. More so than like Fitzpatrick/doctor crap.

I am seriously loving that Veronica is a better detective than the police and Vinnie Vanlow. I'm not sure if she's better than her dad, but I wouldn't mind it if he was better than her. Ah well.

I'm so happy for Cassidy and his business savvy.

I hate that Aaron is trying to frame Duncan, but what are you gonna do?

I like the plots on VM, but I'm kind of disliking the confusion. I don't want the eps to be simple, but I just wish they weren't so super complicated. I dunno maybe I'm just being extra dumb... Eh well.

I thought it was a good ep, but I can't wait until Logan and Veronica are friends and/or more again.

Thanks! :)

[EDIT: I am such a fangirl...]
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