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Recs List #6

Here is my HUGE recs list #6. :)

** = Really good.

No Pairing:
20 Things You Didn't Know About Saffron by hopefulnebula
Lifeless by ana_grrl
Salvage Mission by inlovewithnight

Adjustments by ana_grrl
Blue Bottle by ana_grrl
Celebritory Smut by ana_grrl
Close by Kirby Crow
Crash by dirty diana
Crush by ana_grrl
**Fathom a River by Aldiara**
Glass Walls by ana_grrl
Happenstance. Thing. Occurrence. That's all. by ana_grrl
In the Before by Kirby Crow
Perdition by Shan
Sometimes, things just go down smooth by ana_grrl
**Stroke of Luck by hopeful_fiction**
Tetchy by debchan
The bodice: it rutting itches by ana_grrl
Tiny Dancer by irradiatedsoup
Unbuttoned by valiant
Wait by ana_grrl
**Waking the World Away by oh_mumble**
Wake by sharpest_rose
What About Tomorrow by simmysim
White Flag by Rachel Lee Arlington

A tidbit of fic by eliade

Brought to Heel by ana_grrl
**Orange Plaid by Gigi Sinclair**
Trust by Jae Kayelle

Other/Multiple Pairing:
Bow; Frustration; & Criminal Mastermind by ana_grrl (Kaylee/Inara; Mal/Simon; & Jayne/Simon)
**Distracted by ana_grrl (Mal/Wash)**
I Told You So by linaelyn (Jayne/Simon, Kaylee/Simon)
**Pieces Tossed Aside by ana_grrl**
**Rhythym by ana_grrl (Jayne/Simon/Kaylee)**

(Pretty much anything that ana_grrl has written.)


Note: Most, if not all, of these Supernatural fics contain incest between brothers.

As Water by whereupon
Clear As Day by stone_princess
Cookies by clary
Don't Know How to Let You Go by merepersiflage
**In Jerusalem Next Year by peripheralsight
----> Sequel: St. Peter's Bones**
Lead Us Not Into Temptation by joyfulgirl41
Leaving the River Road by stone_princess
Light of a Match by wheebubbles
**Man, I Feel Like A Woman & Part 2) by lyra_wing
----> Sequel: Bloodstones and Kisses & Part 2**
Not By Half by estrella30
Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41
Safeword by wheebubbles
**Sharing a room with his brother by pluvial_poetry**
Stitches and Ice Cream by darkhavens
When the Camera's Gone by parcae
**To Sleep by without_me**
Weakness by liz_w

Fic by darkhavens

**A series by poisontaster & mona1347** (In order, also a WIP):
On The Raggedy Edge
Imposters In This Country
the boys i mean are not refined (Pre-Series)

A tidbit of fic by eliade
**It Was a Dark and Stormy Fight by missmurchison**

Thanks! :)
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