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Bones & Veronica Mars

Omg! Adam Baldwin! YAY! For Actor Love! :D

Also, is it just me or was there some sexual tension between Hollins and Booth during the apartment scene? I really picked up on a weird vibe...

OMG BOOTH/BONES CD/AIR GUITAR/DANCE LOVE!!!!! I totally loved the Booth/Bones romancey ish stuff in this. It rocked.

Ok, that whole Booth protecting his partner thing was dumb, kind of like way too forced angst.

I knew it would be Adam. I knew it from the moment I flipped on the tv and saw that scene where they were trusting him and telling him what was going on.

Anywho, It was a pretty good ep. And I REALLY want Bones and Booth to hook up.

Veronica Mars was awesome. I loved the whole gay scandal thing but I was really hoping Dick would turn out to be gay. Now I want to read slash with him for some reason...

I totally knew what's his face sold his rims to pay off the blackmailer, I knew that when they said they were worth 6 grand.

I don't know what to think about the whole Bus Crash thing or the Hannah/Logan thing. I really dislike that pairing, I mean a LOT. She's way too sweet and perfect and like some little blonde barbie. At least Veronica is witty and sarcastic and like super smart. :)

I really hope Logan ditches Hannah. ;( Bleh.

That's it for now, thanks!
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