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Grey's Anatomy & more

So OMG I was watching Grey's, and the guy who plays Denny Duquette is the same guy who plays John Winchester on Supernatural! SO FUN! I have a Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy plot bunny behind the cut.

Oh! And does anyone else hate George's short hair? ;0

So ok, Dean and Sam get a phone call in the middle of the night and it's Izzie contacting Duquette's next of kin. They talk and she mentions she's looking for his next of kin(Dean Winchester is the contact, so the last name thing seems to be a problem) and neither of the boys know who she's talking about and finally Dean figures out to ask her what the guy looks like, and they figure out it's their dad. And she doesn't believe that he could have an older sounding son because she's Izzie and she likes the guy and she's like the same age as Dean and ick, creepy. So Izzie doesn't release the info until she can see proof of identification, but because John used a fake name the boys can't prove anything. So the boys high-tale it to Seattle and either get there to see their father die or live or what not but it would be neat to see the interactions. I was thinking this could be set maybe a year after Shadow, and six months ago(unless there is a previously stated date) John's heart went bad and the minor demon hunting has been screwing him up even more while he waits for a heart, but then he meets Izzie, and yadda yadda whatever. You could go tons TONS of directions with this, but I would love for Izzie to meet the boys and she to be mad and they be creeped out, and John to be a little bit swarthy because he is that way around Izzie.

And so yeah. :)

Also, some icon/general news. I'm in the TOP 2 over at house_challenge for the LIMS(Last Icon Maker Standing) competition. I doubt I'll win, because my competition wins the people's choice award every time, but you never know. :D

I'm also really really cold and yesterday my Queer As Folk DVD's arrived! I've only watched 6 eps, but they're so great. I've really missed them. :D

Mom's B-day is Thursday and her present still hasn't arrived, so I don't know what is going on, but bleh. Amazon is really fucking with me. When I ordered the QAF DVD's, the first seller cancelled the order and then no one told me, so like two days went by and I was waiting. So then I went and ended up buying the Chinese editions(everything is in english) because they were the cheapest, next to the first one I had wanted to order. BUT Amazon reserved 170$ from my bank to pay for the original set of DVDs that were never sold to me. (They made it so that I wouldn't be able to spend more than like 35 dollars from my account, despite having 200$ in the account.) SO I couldn't buy the second set of DVDs until mom loaned me her credit card. And NOW Amazon is saying they cancelled my order or some bullshit and I can't figure out what the hell they are talking about. Guh they suck.

That's it for now, sorry to half rant... Later.
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