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House thoughts and rant

Ok, so does everyone agree that Wilson is gay? I mean seriously, he HAS to be. Kudos about his wife, I'm glad she had an affair, it proves that even when Wilson was home they weren't having sex.

I really really really want him to be gay. I mean it would be so shocking and hot! I also loved seeing the next eps preview, the whole living together thing. AWESOME! *fangirl squee*

The medical stuff for tonight was ok, not great, but I enjoyed the Wilson stuff more. :)

AND WARREN! I love that actor, and he's so cute with his glasses and everything. Love love love him. :)

I also need to rant about my cable company/tv station. We don't get Supernatural. At. All.

How Sucky is that?! I mean it's one thing to not air it at the regular time or not have it because of your cable company, but UPN(our WB syndicate/counterpart) doesn't even have it. So basically here is the run down of shows for the week on UPN.

I mean do we honestly need to watch America's Next Top Model three days a week?!

Ok, no need to rant, it's on on Saturdays at 10... weird.

Also, I feel brokety broke, I am, but I have to have about 50 bucks for my mom's birthday. I'm planning to buy her a bird book and take her out to dinner, but currently I have about 35 bucks. I figure I can make a stop at the half price bookstore and I have a cd to return, so hopefully all will be ok, but I really really need a job. What's wrong with me when I can't even go out and get a job? I mean honestly am I completely stupid/lazy/unmotivated/sloppy/crazy/depressed/mad/sad/weird?

Actually, suggest places I could work, I would love to hear suggestions, and take note, I'm not going to work at Blockbuster or JC Penney, as I've already worked there/won't get hired.

*shrug* I need to just get off my ass. Life sucks, it's so depressing and stupid.
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