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I just felt like saying that. So ok, I've had the same mattress and box springs for going on 7 years, and you know, being a teenager, they pretty much suck, so every morning I wake up with back pain.

Not. Fun.

I hate it soooooo bad, but I'm hopefully getting a new set soon. They might also suck because they are sitting on the floor... I dunno.

So, I gave in and am downloading eps of Supernatural. I watched the pilot, and when I watch tv on my comp the brightness isn't the greatest ever, it's pretty good but not great, and anyway, so I have to turn off my lamp and make the show full screen to really enjoy it, well the show pretty much scared me. I actually debated turning my light back on, and during certain parts I had to (insert word that doesn't mean minimize and doesn't mean maximize) the movie player so that I had parts of my desktop to look at and not just a scary tv show. I'm liking the first ep, and the slashiness is great. :)

Also, earlier I watched Deal or No Deal, My name is Earl and The office. I swear I think the second lady on DOND was an actress. I really think that for that trial week they had, the contestants were actors, and I bet you anything the 2.5 million and 3 million contestants are both actors. And why are the contestants all mostly attractive?! I mean the other day they had that black lady who wasn't really attractive, but she wasn't unattractive. It's weird.

MNIE is actually a pretty great show, I really like it, I thought it was like this trailer-park crappy jerry-springer wannabe show, but it's great. :)

And yes, despite how I originally hated it, I am secretly addicted to The Office. I watched the first episode and couldn't stand Michael, but I think they've made him less obnoxious since then because I like him waaay better. Though I really love the stuff between Pam and the cute dude who I can't remember his name. They need to hook up. Dwight sucks, not the actor though, the character.

I'm currently reading this weird teen book, it's called Prep by... (tries to read the author upside down from across the room) Ok, I'm lazy and can't read it. It's good so far though.

I finished the Da Vinci code this morning, it was good, but it was a weird book format. I liked the book but you know how usually you learn all the info at the very end? It was weird because I'd felt like I'd learned everything when they were all still at the one guy's house. I also saw the thing with the teacher coming from the instant he was referred to as the teacher after that thing happened in which someone was kidnapped. Yes, I'm too lazy to use LJ-cuts tonight.

I've got Whisper part 2 on the way, but I need to work on part three, I started it, but it's only about a quarter to a third done.

In other news I'm weary that I won't get in all the paperwork to start college spring quarter, I have to get both my transcripts in, register for classes, and then somehow get a student loan. Oh, and find a job somewhere in there.

Gah, I need to get moving, but I hate this crap, I just wish I could go to school and not deal with all this paperwork crap. bleck... sucky.

I've noticed lately that I'm getting pissy at my flist. Not my actual friends, you guys rock, but at the comm posts. I left wranglers off the flist a while ago, but I'm still getting stuff from gay_cowboys and a few other tv/movie comms. Stupid people that don't know how to post to places. Like if you write fic, instead of making two chapter posts back to back, quit wasting cyber-space and shove 'em together! Jeez! I also miss all my icon comms that made my journal all colorful and happy. *sigh*

Wow, I've been talkative! Hee! I'm afraid I must go now though, I have to stick a post-it reminder where mom will find it. :)

OH! Also, we might be getting a free trip to Vegas, but more on that later. :)
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