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Grey's Anatomy, The Da Vinci Code, & more

I'm not sure how I feel about tonights ep of GA. I loved George narrating, and I liked his vulnerability, but for some reason the show wasn't a home run, not with that story line anyway.

OMG Addison and her poison-oak, that's great. :D I almos don't want her and Derrick to break up, I can tell why they got married, they're cute together.

Also, I'm reading The Da Vinci Code, and I like it, really like it, because I'm like learning as I read. :)

In other news, I have way too much stuff to get done. I really need to write more, but I keep getting sidetracked... Ah well.

Talk at y'all later. :)
Tags: books, general, grey's anatomy, tv
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